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Send 2 packed Airships   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 8/23/19 by Katijay (Katijay46); 1461 views.
Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


If you have an air shipment with your lowest cargo and have time send it empty in hopes of getting a better cargo load....and again if you want a different avatar and haven't made the change do it before you complete this last CC....

Just for today, I’ll be sending out only airships to help my friends finish this up. 

Back to regular gifting tomorrow. 

Good luck everybody! four_leaf_clover

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Katijay (Katijay46)

From: Katijay (Katijay46)


One down, one to go lower level had a Trina and a 10 part DQ still have another ship to send for the Trina...Upper level game is working on a 10 parter that has many 3X quest so will take awhile and I got a Trina for that one too..

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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Three dice available, Trina wants wheels, airship asking for 306 wheels, all ok!

A little prayer to the Gnomes' gods (not 3 Days please, I had them yesterday again … please please pletty please…) … What's Going On!! Stars are aligned!!

Relaxed trip to the first airship, going to meet Trina, nothing can bother me today, but please take note that I don't really feel like playing … What do you want? Play scenes … ok!

Do my 50 scenes, back to Trina. Scenes or ZZs, whatever you want, I know you won't ask for wheels as it is what I want … Scenes AND ZZs … nothing can bother me today I said … (sticking tongue out at her while moving on).

Airship comes back, 291 wheels, nope, send it empty, I have aaaaaall my time.

Do the ZZs (Mystic Fountain, Trade Machine, Old Chest, had them all, plus three times each at the Bow Figurine, Armored Bear and Harp in Blossom … relaxed …), play the scenes, back to Trina.

Wheels this time? Nope, play scenes! I swear I heard her laugh!!

Play another set of scenes, back to the Key Shop. Trina? Play scenes!! Apollo! Shadow! Bite her calves!!!

I need a break … Going to SMaL now, I saw a nice heavy sledgehammer there … could be useful when I decide to come back to the castle … Nothing can bother me today…


From: KatieAn56


WOO HOOO!!!! Sent one airship last night (my new day starts at 7 pm central time) and it coincided with Trina.  Too late to stay up to send next airship.  Sent next one this am and finished!!!! YAY second CC for me to finish!!! It's a glorious day in the neighborhood!! Thank you my friends!!! Congrats to those who have finished.  Good vibes and luck to those who are working on theirs!! 

Congratulations Katie! 

I just now got into the Castle - my battery was stone dead again. Missed the 1st 2 gifting windows. Sorry friends!!!

Had to drive to the Apple Store (50 miles away!) to get it fixed. Their diagnostic found & fixed software bugs. They said the phone hardware is fine - phew!

So I sent 1 airship & 5 airship gifts, & waiting now for the battery to finish charging. 

I just hope it stays fixed this time! I f I go MIA again, you’ll know why. 


From: KatieAn56


Thanks Tia!! I'm so sorry you are having such problems. disappointed If I could play it for you I would.  I'll send good vibes that your battery stays charged.  Can you play it with it plugged in? If not, fingers crossed that it will stay charged until you send that last airship! Good luck! four_leaf_clover

Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


Well done Katie!!!

I finished the CC without having been able to match it with Trina's requirements (of course now that devil's agent wants wheels!!!) but I finished!! Yay! Just won't keep that avatar for long .. .actually I shall change it right now!!


From: KatieAn56


Thank you Theo!! Yes, you gave Trina a great name, devil's agent!!! Every blue moon her requests jive with my DQ or CQ or a CC, but that is few and far between for me. I got the Madame Masquerade avatar.  Some of those male avatars look so goofy.  :) Congrats on finishing Theo!!

Thank you, sweet Kate! Unfortunately, it was not to be. The problem was, the battery would drain rather than recharge while plugged in. So I’d plug it in to charge while I sleep & wake up to a battery so dead it won’t even turn on - while still plugged in!

After they diagnosed the problem & completely replaced my operating system & restored my data, I recharged it at the Apple Store & sent the 1st airship (using their AWESOME WIFI!!!) then wasn’t able to get back into the Castle in time to send the 2nd airship. disappointed

My only real regret is all the inventory for ZZs, food, & airships wasted in the last 10 days to be foiled by a 20 minute delay. confounded

Many, many thanks to my wonderful friends who helped me get whatever I needed for each challenge. {{{heart}}} It will take a while, but I’m working on returning your gifts. My wishlist will be down for a while so I can catch up & maybe even get ahead a little.