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Honor Walk for Organ Donors   Messages from the Heart

Started 8/23/19 by mdpetdoc; 861 views.
I watched that video with tears rolling down my cheeks out of respect and honor.  

Out of pure selflessness, grace, dignity and bravery, these two women made the decision to save lives when theirs couldn't be saved.  They are truly angels.
My dear friend, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend.  rose  
Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


This is a fabulous tradition! Our hospital works with One Legacy, some of us work on Rose Bowl Float (Donate Life)

and participate in sponsored walks.  Thank you for sharing.....something for me to place in the “suggestion “ box.

Very grateful to the  two families who made this decision.  We receive updates from one legacy of successful placements.

Co-worker’s brother had heart transplant, another one’s brother a kidney.bouquet


From: misstracy22


We don’t have this tradition in England as far as I know. It would be so right to do this. For all those so brave families, friends and staff. It is beautiful (if that’s the correct word) So many people involved with organ, tissue and eye donation are so afraid of upsetting those families and friends. It would surely be a decision that they could make. After making such a difficult decision and going though the consenting and past medical history process. So soon after hearing their loved one has died. I watched this with a warmth of completion. After so many years as an Eye Donation Nurse.

May your friend rest in peace, may you in time also share your friends and their families peace.