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The Eternal Gifting Etiquette Question   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 8/24/19 by April @ MC (April54321); 12601 views.

Hello friends,

I hope you all enjoyed the castle challenge and got your desired avatar.

I just wanted to post a message about my wish list. As I have posted previously, I usually have my list up for a week, then down for a week due to family commitments, but try to keep gifting throughout, for postcards. 

I am currently working on the DQs and  not levelling up, so having been putting my lowest 4 HOS items on my wish list. However I don’t want to be taking inventory from friends that need those same items. (Hence the etiquette dilemma). 

Soooo, yes I’m getting to my point, I promise. Please DO NOT gift me if you need the same items for your own game. Just consider all gifts from me, completely complimentary - no catch up required. All gifts are of course welcome, but under no circumstances, necessary. 

Other things to note:

* I have no rune stones in inventory, so if you want them, please put them on your list. 

* If you are sitting on a higher level than me (I am on level 32) and there are items you want to stock up on to help open ZZs, please put them on your list. 

* Destiny keys only cost 50 coins. If you want them, please put them on your list. 

* If you need icebreaths, please put them on your list. 

All of the above things can be purchased with coins, which is the one thing I don’t have a shortage of, so if any of these sound like things you need, it is a win win for both of us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this long boring message. Just thought I’d put it out there. Any comments, criticisms or feedback welcome. And of course, if there is something specific I can help with, please let me know. 


April : ) on iOS 

Ps. TF I know this is in the wrong folder, but was hoping you could leave it in the welcome folder, just for a few days where it’s a bit more prominent. 


From: TinyFaerie


I will give it a couple of days for you the move it to Gift Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Thank you, you’re a super star! 


From: AEGram


The following are my thoughts regarding gifting.....

1. Until I finish with Trina, I will not gift Torch, Murderer's Eye, Shard of Soul, Forged Key, Rune Stone, or Winged Amulet........each of these items open a Zoom Zone by itself....and in a singular number. So, I play the puzzles a couple of times a day for each of these end of day I have 10 items that will open 10 ZZs .....Trina asks for 20 at a pop. (They will also come in handy when a Castle Challenge task asks you to open 10 ZZ in 30 minutes) ....Since I'm playing the puzzles for these items, I'm never totally out which means I don't have the opportunity to purchase any with I do wish we could purchase items using coins without depleting our own inventory.

2. If someone sends me a gift, I will gift them back as soon as I have an opening during one of my time slots. However, if the only thing on their wish list are my 5 items listed above, I will not return a gift....see reasoning in #1 above. 

3. I'm currently sending out as many gifts a day as I have time and slots.....while a return gift is nice, I don't expect one as I'm needing the postcards for Trina.

4. In my main game, I have a core group of players with whom I exchange gifts, but the bulk of my friends are the "use and be used" type....which is also my preference. I have enough lists, it's just too cumbersome to maintain a gifting cycle.....remember who's next....remember if I received one from someone....etc..... I mostly prefer to have additional rooms to visit during the events because....again, I need airship items for Trina and the extra coins gives me the incentive to do some rounds.

I have other opinions about the gifting process that are contrary to what most players think. I will keep those opinions to myself.

ETA --- But each of us must determine what is best for our own games, our own personalities, our own opinions regarding the gifting process......There is NO right or wrong way to go about is merely personal preference.

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I agree completely with AEGram that each of us needs to gift according to what works best for our games.

I enjoy gifting and helping others gain achievements, and I would NEVER want anyone to feel it’s a burden to gift me! Please do not stress on this aspect of the game!

The main reason you should be playing is that the game is fun. Your enjoyment is paramount, in my opinion.

Have FUN in the castle!

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Theo (TheoMC)

From: Theo (TheoMC)


I must admit that gifting is for me the most stressful part of the game. Don't misunderstand me, I enjoy gifting (might even be what I like most!) but I am a bit drowning for the moment!

What I do is keep a list of everything I have received (name/date/what and the ones not returned in red) and try to gift back as soon as possible. While I do not expect to receive anything back when gifting (yup, it is a gift!!), I do feel that I have to return gifts. Not very logical but that's the way I feel! relaxed And I am fine with this ... as long as I can keep up!

With more and more daily gifters, I am now unable to gift anybody that has not sent me something (problematic, see above!). I so much regret it and I am tearing my hair out! So when I am getting too behind, I just put my list down and go into catch up mode. Earlier on, it was for a day or two, nowadays it's for longer as I have friends who are gifting me every day but to whom I cannot send something every day! And I try to also use this opportunity to gift lower levels.

As for what I am sending, I have added *swaps* after my name and am a bit "annoyed" when players only ask for regular items as I am low on inventory, but rarely at zero. I wish everyone had at least a stamp, an airship item or a bag of food in their list, but then again, it's their wish list, not mine! wink Being able to send gifts with coins even if I have some is in the wishes for my 5th anniversary thread I posted some time ago, I'd love to be able to do that! So when I am sending an inventory item (one used in ZZs in the Castle area), I try to get it back with the puzzles.

But then again, just to make sure it is clear grinning I love gifting, hoping I can help anybody with achievements or with progressing in the game! Even if I open my mail with one eye closed, it is really great to have lovely friends thinking of you and to tell them hey! I am thinking about you too!! wink

(not sure all this makes sense, I hope it does!! smile)


From: CindyK65


Gifting is the most stressful for me, also. My ice breaths swaps come first and then in the order received. Players that gift me daily are usually caught up when I have to take my list down. I keep a list of by player, day and whether it was a gift or a swap. Much too time consuming to list what gift. I hate it when I can’t return a gift, but some players only have high cost or event items in their list and I don’t have any extra event items. I only hope they feel as a do, that it is a gift and I never expect anything in return.

Also, I’m still looking for some friends to swap ice breaths. Most of the ones I had have reached their goal. So happy for them and it gives me hope that I might get there.


From: KatieAn56


When I first started gifting I was very stressed.  I thought people expected to be gifted back immediately and I had very few gifts on most of my friends' list, who were a much higher level than me.  Airship items, pet food and plain stamps were the three I had the most of, but a lot wanted items I could not get nor had the coins or diamonds to buy.The items that cost coins, at the time did not have my coin inventory built up. 

I finally got a system that works, list date received and person gifting, then date I gifted them back, although sometimes it may be a week or two or longer before one of my friends has something on their list I have.  I worry they may think I am not returning gifts, which isn't the case, just do not have what is on their list or it costs diamonds, which I have little of even though I play the puzzles to get them.  I am slowly building my diamond inventory.  

 I LOVE being able to gift my friends and I, too will take down my list, catch up and then try to help LL players as well as my higher level players as they have stated airship items and pet food (which I can send YAY!!) are the items they need the most.  I gift as received, too. Now that I understand the gifting part better, I am not so stressed. 

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From: LvlSlgr


Theo (TheoMC) said:

With more and more daily gifters, I am now unable to gift anybody that has not sent me something (problematic, see above!).

I felt the same way ... unable to give those who haven't sent me a gift bothered me. I keep about 90-100 friends and I noticed I was constantly gifting the same 30 or so friends ... reciprocating to those who had gifted me. I also wondered why I had so many friends who never gifted me. Maybe because they were doing the same thing I was doing? So I decided the first two daily gifting periods would be used to return gifts and the last one would be used to send a gift to someone who wasn't on my return list. Sure enough when I started doing that I noticed I was getting gifts from friends who aren't in my regular cycle. Of course, this means I get farther behind on returning gifts but that's okay. About every 4 days or so I take down my wishlist so I can get caught up.

I will say the one thing that does bug me is someone who sends me a gift but NEVER has their wishlist up so that I can return the favor. I know some just like to send gifts and don't expect anything in return, but it still bugs me.

Crystal;P (12earth45)

From: Crystal;P (12earth45)


I try to keep a close watch those friends.... and gift as soon as I see wish list open.smiley_cat

During Christmas event, I try  to place a gift under their Christmas tree more often.evergreen_treesanta

Lastly, If above doesn’t work... just try to pay it forward to consortium angel