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Midnight Castle, The Hidden Mysteries   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/28/18 by Rahia13; 35724 views.
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From: Rahia13


After my quick stop at home, I made my way to the Chapel. I glanced inside and noticed Valeria standing guard. How could I get past her? I walked in to the Chapel and began whistling a merry a tune. I think it was Medusa in C Minor. I had heard it on the radio the other night and it got stuck in my head. Surprisingly, she whistled along with me. She walked over to the door and make a few knocks. It sounded like the tune we were humming. The door slide open and she motioned me inside. I went down some stairs and thanked my lucky stars that I had kept the cloak on. It really does come in handy.

The market under the Chapel was brightly lit with Christmas lights and decorations lined the stalls. There was a stall for Candy Canes in all their flavors. They even had one in Blueberry, which is my favorite. I picked up forty of those for only 40 coins. They had stalls that sold Pumpkin Pie and Fried Turkey. I made a mental note to never bring Gobbler down here. The poor thing would just faint dead away! I found stalls that even bought ingredients! I sold all of the combs, brushes and bows that I had found to a lovely old woman who gave me a great deal. Just around the corner from her stall I sold all of the poisons and herbs I had collected. This was amazing! It only took a few minutes to replace the 100k I used to pick up those pink boxes. My backpack also felt lighter and for that I was glad.

I brushed passed another figure in a hooded cloak when I stopped at a stall that sold little pet plushies. They looked exactly like my pets and even a few I didn't know existed! I bought one of each and gave the elephant one a squeeze.
"Where are you hiding in the Castle," I asked the inanimate object. I didn't expect an answer back not did I get one as I continued on my way through this magical wonderland I had stumbled upon. I walked around taking in the sights and at the smell of something wonderful I stopped. I walked over to a little stall that was making homemade pretzel's and asked for two. I sat down at a little table and dipped them in mustard until they were all gone. I decided that I had to check out the other two markets now.


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From: Rahia13


I decided that Cloud City would be my best option. Nimie had told me how to get in the one in the Elvyn Forest but she failed to let me know how to get into that one. I had lucked out in town with Valeria helping out. I stepped on to Cloud Pier and for once the Gnome's didn't glare at me. They just smiled and waved. The Gnome sitting on the barrel at the entrance spun a wheel close by and I heard something shift.
"You can go in now," he said and I nodded my thanks.

I walked into the alleyway and stopped dead in my tracks. The market was packed! I noticed Arabella talking to someone who was surrounded by mounds and mounds of scrolls. The Iron Knight was conversing with a weapons dealer and even Lord Chamberlain was there. He was at a little stall that sold canes. I giggled at that and decided he must get custom ones done at least once a week as much as liked to bang them on the ground. I wasn't sure about moving so freely around the inhabitants of the Castle while in the hooded cloak but I wanted to explore this market. I gave in to temptation and plunged ahead. I found jewelers and other manner of craftsman! I stumbled across a little store nestled in the back that had a potion sign above its entrance. I made my way in out of curiosity. There were tons of potions that did all sorts of things. There was one, if going by the label was to be believed, could reveal hidden secrets. I bought 5 of those. I know, I splurged a bit but how often was I going to make it to these markets. I made my way out of the shop and noticed another figure in a hooded cloak. Was I being followed? I decided to put it out of my mind and continue on to the Elvyn Forest. While I wanted to spend more time in this market, I'll admit I was afraid of getting caught.

I skipped merrily down to the Forest Palace, ground up a Blood Lotus and sprinkled it on the vines. They magically collapsed only to form again when I passed through the opening. Strange little vines! I had always wondered where all the elves were hiding and now I knew! They were all underground. They nodded and waved, curtsied and bowed as I passed. I almost felt important but I soon realized it was the black cloak giving me this freedom.

The stalls in this market were brightly colored with strange markings on them. I figured it might be the Elvyn language but since I didn't know it, it was Greek to me. I found a stall the did custom Stockings so I employed the Elf to make 40 of them. I gave him the names to be put on all the stockings and he just grinned.
"All of your pets?"
"Yes," I said instinctively smiling back.
"Give me an hour. You should have a good look around. If you are interested in old books. You should speak to Glenys! She has some of the rarest books ever found."
"Thank you for the tip! Where can I find Glenys?"
"Far end just behind the gooseberry shop."
"Thanks," I said again with a wave and headed off to look for the shop. It didn't take me long to find it. I could actually smell the books before I even saw the shop. I stepped through the open door and my eyes darted all around, trying to soak in all the books. I licked my lips that suddenly felt dry and gave out a little squeal of delight.
"I'm sorry," I apologized to a stately old elf with a noticeable limp, "I'm looking for Glenys."
"First timers! She's over there," he said waving his hand in the direction of a pleasantly plump elf with her hair pulled back into a messy bun. It seemed to held together by a pile of pencils!
"Glenys," I asked when I walked over.
"Yes, what can I do for you," she looked up at with surprisingly alert ice blue eyes.
"I'm looking for books on Runes, legends about the Castle or well anything you can recommend."
"Alright, we'll start with the Runes," she said, moving with surprising agility. She wove in and out of aisles, collecting all the books I asked for.

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From: Rahia13


When she was done there were 5 stacks of 100 books. I blinked back tears, thinking how heavy that was going to be to get home and also the cost!
"There are 350 books on Runes, 100 on Legends on the Castle and 50 are just a fun read! That will be 500,000 gold."
"How much," I asked, surely I have heard her wrong.
"500k, unless you are a member of the Elvyn Learning Society," she said taking one of the pencils from her hair and scribbling numbers in a notebook before her, "If you are it's only 300k but I'll need to see your pass."
"I..I," I stuttered. I did think about lying but I had no clue what this pass looked like and while I had a lot of things in my backpack I wasn't sure if I had one of those, "No, I'm not a member."
I handed over the 500,000 gold coins and she asked for my address. When I have it over, she smiled, "Delivery is free of charge."
"Thank you," I smiled back and headed off.

I exited the store and bumped in to another figure in a black cloak. They mumbled an apology and headed into the store. I righted myself and stopped by the gooseberry store. They sold cider, jam and ever butter. I bought what I needed and headed back to the custom Stocking stall. He had my order ready and nicely packed. I handed over 200 gold coins and gave him an extra 100 because he had been so helpful. I really wanted to look around some more but my coin purse was as nothing more but a feather weight and my backpack was far too heavy. I headed home with a bounce in my step! I could always visit again when I had the time.

How long had the markets been there? Why were they hidden from public view? I couldn't understand it at all. The people I had come across today were so helpful.

(NOTE: All the markets mentioned here are just in my imagination. I wish they were real and I could drop 100k for 100 gift boxes. However, it is all made up. Perhaps the Devs are reading and will give us at least one of the markets? I'm kidding! Or am I? )

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From: Rahia13


Party at the Castle

I arrived home and found a note stuck on the door. I opened it up and read:
Christmas Party at the Castle
Please present invitation at the Gates

Lord Chamberlain

"Lovely," I said and threw open the door. I put down all of my purchases. The pets ran up and I gave them the box of custom Stockings to place on or around the Fireplace. Honestly, I didn't think they would fit. They didn't! The pets places them climbing up the walls, around the tree and even hanging from my over sized chair. They giggled and joked while doing so. I sat down and wrote out cards for each of the 159 presents I was going to send off that night. I gave the pets their orders on where to deliver them to and the time. I took off the black cloak and folded it neatly, tucking it into my backpack. I didn't want to leave it laying around here.

I changed into something more fitting for a party at the Castle and fussed with my hair until it was cascading in ringlets around my head. I glared at the mirror. I hate dressing up. I prefer clothing that is more comfortable not dresses with frills and lace. Once I was content with how I looked I made my way towards the Castle. I showed my invitation at the Gates and made my way to the Throne Hall were a massive Christmas tree had been set up. It wasn't there earlier in the day when I passed by to go the Dungeon of the Cursed. The servants I never see must have been busy or it was done by magic.

Everyone was there, including Just John who raised his glass in my direction. I just nodded in return. I saw Nimie weaving in and out of the guests. She gave a tight smile and continued on to the Forbidden Tower.

"Don't drink the wine," Arabella said as she approached me.
"Why is it poisoned?"
"Oh no, it is just horrible! Father thought this would be a good idea. The Castle that celebrates Christmas together stays together or some such nonsense. I would have much rather stayed in the Laboratory studying all those devices but," she sighed tailing off.
"Yes, I was rather surprised to get an invitation so late," I said grabbing what looked to be a puff pastry from a passing servant.
"Father has great ideas but no thoughts as to the planning process. Is it any wonder he has failed at trying to inherit the Castle or even take it?"


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From: Rahia13


"True," I said with a giggle, "He has the looks of a mighty villain but he's really a tame puppy."
"That is so insightful," Arabella laughed, "and true."
"Where is Anabel," I asked, regretting the question as I watched the smile fade from her lips.
"She'll be here," she replied tightly.
"I didn't mean anything. I was just curious because everyone else is here and I don't see her."
"She was here you know," Arabella said, taking a sip from the flask at her hip, "She waltzed in like she owned the place, snapped her fingers and her father followed her out. They are probably talking at Ice Rock."
"With Henry? Heavens, no! Poor Henry couldn't hurt anyone. You know the one rare occasion I actually got him to talk he told me that he never meant to hurt my mother. He just couldn't marry someone he didn't love. I understood and I apologized for what my mother did to his wife. He doesn't even hold it against me nor my father. Can you imagine? The man must be a saint!"
"Indeed," I nodded in agreement.
"He doesn't speak of anything much but," she said, lowering her voice, "if you bring him any artifact or book you want deciphered he becomes so animated and talkative. It's a rare sight!"
"Interesting," I said filing that piece of information away. I wonder if perhaps he can help me with my notes.

Arabella eventually moved away to mingle with the other people. I noticed her talking for awhile with Just John but she never approached her father. They stayed far from each other and if they got close one would move to the other end of the Hall. It was a sad sight to this dance between daughter and father. They were all the other had and yet they avoided each other like the plague. I noticed Trina enter with her wolf pups trailing behind her. She had keys hanging from her waist and that ever present master key in her hand.

"Rahia," she shouted and I wanted to run away.


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From: Rahia13


"Trina," I said forcing a smile.
"I have a gift for you," she said, handing me a nicely wrapped pink box.
"Thanks," I said warily, "What do you want in return?"
"Tis Christmas, you silly goose! It's a key! A special key," she said with a wink and walked off.

I unwrapped the box and took a silver key out. It was different from the ones she usually gave me. I tucked it inside the pouch I was carrying and discarded the box. I made a mental note to stop by her shop and thank her. Well, if it opened anything that is. I moved over to the Chained Chest and took a a seat. It gave me a nice view of the Hall and I could watch all the people milling about. I watched for hours and eventually grew bored. I decided to make my way to Ice Rock. Anabel had never returned but I had seen Henry several times.

There was no one there when I got there just the wind blowing the snow around. I sat down in the snow and leaned against the tree that held the Binding Egg when I heard footsteps. I quickly moved to hide behind the Summer Garden. I would be able to see and hear who ever was approaching but I would be invisible.

"Have you found it," came a feminine voice.
"No, she has it hidden somewhere, I'm sure. I searched her whole house but nothing," stated a frustrated male voice.
"I hired you to do a job! I expect it done. If she finds out or even suspects!"
"How could she? I haven't been around in ages. She has forgotten about me, I'm sure," the male voice said. It was familiar to me but I couldn't place it.
"It doesn't matter. Find it or die," the female voice threatened.
"You do realize just who you are threatening?"
"Yes and I do not care!"
"Don't worry! I have a plan. Dal said she can get close to Rahia again and..." the male voice started to trail off as they headed back into the Castle.

Blast it! Has Dal returned? Well, at least I was expecting her this time. I would be ready and she wouldn't get anything from me. Who hadn't I seen in a while that was male? There was Oeland, Chris Arwin, Norman Hayes, Ilreth and the Light Bringer. It had to be one of them but who? The female voice seemed familiar as well but not recognizable. Could this be someone else else I haven't seen in awhile? I was confused. I didn't want to go back in to the party so I decided to head home. Someone was after something I had and needed to find out what!

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From: Rahia13


Christmas Eve

I arrived home later than expected. It was hard leaving a party when everyone was looking for you after you vanished. I had a shiny silver key to try out tomorrow and a ton of gifts from the Castle inhabitants to open. I set them all by the door and called to my pets. I could see from their faces that they wanted to open one gift before bed. I decided to let them. I handed each of them the plushies I had gotten for them. They were thrilled and headed off to their rooms very excited for tomorrow morning. I checked to make sure all of the pink boxes were sent off. I did a little dance when I noticed most were gone. I decided to deliver the last few myself. I gathered up the last 5 gifts left and headed back out in to the night.

I have a friend that has helped me through thick and thin, been my rock when I wanted to run from the Castle. She gave me hope, she also fostered two little cubs. I noticed her lights were on when I arrived at her house and tiptoed around back. I let myself in through an open window and slid the three gifts under their trees. I was quite because I know she has been feeling under the weather and really she could be a real Tiger when angry. I made my way out as silent as I came in and headed for the next house.

The lights were all out except for a gentle glow near one window. I moved around the back and noticed that his tree was on the back patio. I placed the gift under the tree and gave a quick salute. His words are always in prose and most people think it's another language but he always makes me smile. I tiptoed away with a grin and hoped he liked what I left.

The last house I came to was completely dark and I knew she was more likely in bed. I tiptoed around but there was no way into the house. I noticed the chimney and made the climb. I shimmied and shook down that chimney with only a scraped knee and lots of soot on my face. I placed the gift with care under her tree. I glared and cursed the chimney on my way back up but I made it out fine.


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From: Rahia13


"If only I had the time," I said into the crisp night air, "I would have delivered them all personally. Thank you all for sticking with me."

I sniffled and shook my head. I guess old age made you sentimental. Okay, older age because I'm not beating a cane yet! I whistled as I made my way back home. I really hoped my friends wouldn't be mad at me for breaking into their homes and leaving a few gifts. I also hoped that my pets didn't damage anything when they delivered to my other friends. I'd never hear the end of it if they did.

I got back home, took my coat off and sat down in my comfy chair. I watched the lights blinking on the Christmas Tree and sighed. My first year in the Castle had been great. I went through Spring, Fall and Winter. I sat up straight! What had happened to Summer? Did someone forget a season? Ah well, I settled back into my chair in the grand scheme it didn't matter. I had stuck it out. This Castle has lots of twist and turns but it is home now. I realized with a good amount of surprise that I was happy here. The quests the inhabitants of the Castle gave me were sometimes fun and frustrating but all in all I was content. Yes, I wanted to find out more about the Castle, more about the inhabitants but that would come in time.

My thoughts turned to the conversation I had overheard earlier and my thoughts darkened. I didn't know what they wanted from me or what I had. I shook myself, tomorrow was Christmas! No, dark thoughts tonight or tomorrow. What would I find under my tree come morning? Would the pets like the other things I had bought for them? Would Santa shimmy and shake down my chimney tonight? I yawned and headed for bed. I guess I'll see what tomorrow brings for as I have learned the Castle in unpredictable.

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From: Rahia13


Christmas Morning

I awoke with a start as I heard crashing coming from the other room. I quickly made my way out to where the Christmas Tree was located and found my pets tearing through wrapping paper. A few were munching on Candy Canes and a few left over Gingerbread Men from Halloween.

"We couldn't wait," Elle said as a greeting as she looked up from the mounds of presents, "Santa came and left a lot of goodies. There are some for you as well. We moved those over by your chair so the more enthusiastic of us wouldn't open them by mistake."
"I see," I glared making my way over to the fireplace and pot of boiling water hanging there. The one good thing about having all these pets. I really didn't have to do much. They cared for the house and the grounds. I would have to watch where I stepped sometimes but I figure it's a give and take. I would sometimes take a part of them with me on my shoe but most were potty trained.

I opened up the presents left under the tree and found an Idol of Rebirth (that would come in handy, I'm sure!), a few diamonds, a bunch of stray stamps and some other odds and ends. My friends sure were giving. I hope they had enjoyed the gifts I left under their trees last night. I looked to the gifts that I had received from the Castle inhabitants the night before still sitting by the door unopened. I rounded them all up and brought them over to my chair. I nestled down in the chair and sat the teddy on my lap. I could use a good cuddle today. It's a shame it doesn't cuddle back.

The Lord Chamberlain had given me a Baton of Swiftness. Was he trying to say I'm slow? The Iron Knight had gifted me a Blade of Terror. Was I terrifying or more like a puppy? Arabella gave me a Bowl of Secret Power which freaked me out because of the serpent. Did she know I was terrified of snakes? Jeronimo had given me the smallest box but it was a very beautiful ring called the Bridger of Realms. I didn't noticed the serpents until I slid the ring on my index finger. Was there a theme to all of these gifts? I was surprised to find a gift from Henry. I had barely talked to the man. He had gifted to me an Eternal Light. Was he saying I lived in darkness? It is the thought that counts I guess. I even from a Forest Sounds from Just John. How did he know I liked stringed instruments? The last present didn't have a name attached and I found a Mortuary Wreath inside. I dropped the box and watched the wreath bounce across the floor. Who would give me a such a thing?

After a few moments I picked up the wreath turning it this and way that. I don't know if I was hoping to find a note or just some indication as to who sent it. I shrugged it off and hoped it was nothing more than a practical joke. I set it on the mantle of my fireplace and shivered. It felt as if someone had walked over my grave except I didn't have a grave to walk over.

I sighed as I looked around the room. It looked like a packing center had exploded in the room. There were ribbons and bows hanging from lights. The once carefully hung stockings were strewn haphazardly on the floor. There were even Candy Cane crumbs sticking to my feet. My pets had seemingly vanished from the scene of the crime. I laughed as I saw a chalk outline of a Christmas Wreath with 'RIP' scribbled over the top. Jack had a wickedly morbid sense of humor. I found the broom being held by the snowman my pets had made and relieved him of his weapon. It took an hour but finally the room was tidy. I could hear my pets romping around outside with their new toys. I decided to give them the day off from collecting chests. They were all getting a bit chubby anyway.

I went back to the fireplace and collected enough water for a second cup of coffee. I wanted to be wide eyed and bushy tailed today. I was hoping the Iron Knight would be nice and let me win at least one round at the dice table today.

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From: Rahia13


The Curse of Christmas Past

I made it to the tavern around noon and oddly everything was silent. Jeronimo nodded when I came in and set about making my usual drink. I walked over to Canta and sat down. The Iron Knight was waiting rubbing the dice between his hands.
"Ready to lose." he asked.
"Let's get it over with," I replied as I downed my pear cider.

He defeated me soundly! I couldn't roll anything higher than a four. He got up laughing and strode out of the door. Canta patted my hand. I guess it was his way of trying to console me. It didn't work. I knew this day was going to go downhill from there. I had really lucky days and really really unlucky days. I stopped by the airship to at least make back what I had lost and walked towards Trina's shop. I cursed under my breath as she asked for 300 steering wheels and 200 shards. It's just my luck. I send the airship off and she asks for what I had already done. Well, all I had was time!
I tucked my tail between my legs and made my way to the Wheel of Fortune. I let out a long stream of curses as I found nothing, I MEAN NOTHING, on the wheel. Well if I needed Harpy's Feathers or a Chain of Blood Rubies it was great! Oh there was also a plain stamp and a Cannonball! What the hay hay!?!?! Was it rain on Rahia day? I had 70 odd Harpy's Feathers, 50 of bother the Chain and Cannonball and not to mention to over 8500 of the plain stamp! I spun anyway and got the Cannonball. I sighed and moved along.

When I entered the Throne Hall, Lord Chamberlain was an unsightly shade of pink. He looked at me with pity and I was so close to screaming at him. I tamped that impulse down and gave a weak smile and a shrug. I mumbled an apology and scurried down into the Dungeon of the Cursed. I pulled on the statue's arm but nothing happened. The wall didn't slide aside like it did yesterday. I checked and double checked but the wall wouldn't move. I pounded against the wall in frustration.

"Is it backwards day? Is it everything go wrong day," I screamed into the empty Dungeon. I decided to give up for the day. Perhaps the mechanism had broken or maybe it was locked for Christmas. I took out the key Trina had given me and decided to head for the doors in Town. I tried that key on every door in town and in Cloud City. It fit not a single keyhole! I should have known better. I even went to the Dark Tower but nothing. I admit defeat! Trina had once again sunk my battleship. I kicked a loose stone in the Dark Tower, big mistake. It bounced off the wall and caught me on the side of the head. I heard the Iron Knight chuckle off to the side and I shot daggers at him with my eyes.

I decided it wasn't a good day to be out so I headed back home. I bandaged my head made myself a cup of gooseberry tea. Perhaps I just needed to relax. I took a seat at my table and placed the key on the scarred wood. I noticed the key wasn't silver after all. Trina had painted it. It was actually green. I used a knife to scrape the paint off and turned the key over in my hand. It was very old but I still didn't have a clue as to what it opened. I noticed the sun glinting off of the the golden chest I had hid behind the Christmas tree and an idea formed in my head.

I picked up the chest and brought it to the table. I picked up my knife again and started running it along the gold. It did nothing! I grunted in frustration. I looked at the Knife of Terror the Iron Knight had given me and I grasped that. I attacked the chest until there were golden flakes all around the room and in my hair. I took a step back and took in the now green chest. Well isn't that odd? I opened the chest and started scrapping away at the bottom. There, under three inches of gold paint was a keyhole! Finally, something was going right today. I fit the key in the hole and gave a twist. The lid flew up and inside was a Path Seeker, a Treasure Map and a Navigator.

"Well I'll be a monkey's uncle," I said. I really wondered who left the chest now. Was it left by mistake? What was I supposed to do? Oh, I knew what I was going to do but I couldn't read the Treasure Map. It was written in the Elvyn language. I sighed and thought about Glenys. Could she help me translate the map? If I went to the Forest Palace would the vines even open up or would it be like the Dungeon of the Cursed? Why would anyone go through the trouble of painting the chest? Could Trina be behind it? Perhaps the map lead to some lost shard treasure! If that was the case would Trina have me followed and then claim the shards for herself? Why not just use the map herself? I sat down at the table and help my head in my hands. This was getting complicated as I didn't know who was after me or whatever I had. Was it this? I'm just someone who likes to explore old places!