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How did you get your Nickname   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 9/2/19 by TinyFaerie; 8322 views.

From: Maggie1947


This is a fun one to read.

My Maggie game is easy as my name is Margaret and of course came Maggie as  nickname most of my life.

On IOS I am IBDAPITA stands for I BE Da (as in the) PITA  = Pain in the Arse. My husband used to jokingly tell me that most days. I have used it for years and was quite surprised that it was taken here. LOL



From: Susanna502MC


Theo -

I know what it's like to be the only female in the room. In high school Calculus there was me and 9 guys. Later in the Navy, I joined while there was still a federal law limiting the number of females in the armed forces. (I didn't mind at all.)

My nickname has two roots. In WWII my mom worked in a defense plant where there were women from all over the country. A new girl from the South asked her name. When my mom said "Lois" the other girls said what's the rest of it? Mom gave her full name. That still wasn't what she meant. According to this girl, where she came from if you didn't have two names that meant they didn't love you, so she started calling my mom "Lois-a-bell."

When I was in the Navy I worked with another Wave who was "Carolyn Sue." We did NOT hit it off. My name is Virginia Susan, so some of the guys started calling me Ginny Sue. I've always wanted to be a "Ginger" so my online nickname is often "Ginger Sue."


pc Ginger Sue and Navy Blue

android Susanna and Juliana


From: Susanna502MC


Brad the Impala (OtterQueen) said:

Then I named my character "Echo." (Supposedly a duck's quack doesn't echo. I have no idea if this is true.)

Just read an article online. Some scientists decided to test if duck quacks don't echo. Long story short. The quacks usually aren't very loud or sustained and the ducks don't usually hang out near cliffs or such that would provide a sound reflection. So any echo is just too faint to hear.

ETA - Facebook 10/16/19 reposted article from Snopes 7/19/99