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** Spoiler Alert** Characters are saying when there is no tasks to perform   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started 9/8/19 by MaryCricket (Wisp1463); 566 views.

I need a favor from you all - I need to know if anyone is at level 58 to level 76

 I need to find out what the characters are saying when they have not tasks for you to do, if you click on the character a message will pop up by saying for an example 

                                                                                                               NO TASKS

                                                                                                I am sorry - busy right now - come back later    

The only no tasks comments I do not have is from level 58  through 76 - I have all the other levels 

 I need the characters that are in Storybook costumes which is at level 74  through level 76

Anabel as Little Red Riding Hood

The Iron knight as Big Bad Wolf

Chamberlain as Merlin

Arabella as Snow White

Valeria as Dorothy

Jeronimo as the Scarecrow

Skull Pete as the Tin Woodsman

Henry as the Cowardly Lion

I am almost near level 56 - but if anyone has the no tasks for the Ghostly Messenger in  the limb Entrance  or The Dark Portal  - I would love it

I have another thread that I have made for posting all the No Tasks comments

Thank you everyone in advance in helping me - 

Below is a sample of what I need

In reply toRe: msg 1

Auntie Roo , you can post your findings right here and thank you so much

CC to AuntieRoo

From: AuntieRoo


Level 71.

Salty~~ You again,eh? Sorry,I’m busy.Come back later, won’t you.

Henry~~ Ah, my friend! I’m kind of busy right now.

Chamberlain~~ My sincere apologies.I must attend to my duties in the castle.     Please come see me later.

Valeria~~ I have so few needs...and nothing right now, thanks.

Anabel~~ I’m so busy right now!Later, I can sink my teeth into things!

Knight~~ Life can be surprising.That’s all the wisdom I have time for.

Arabella~~ Come back later - I’m having a dry spell.

Pete~~ Let’s not slash out ties! I’m sure I’ll need your help again.