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Friends of TopCat   Technical Issues

Started Sep-10 by Cookie (GulfGuppy); 317 views.
Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


My TopCat game froze this morning and when I closed and reopened , it was at level 1 again cry However, I maintained ALL friends heart_eyes and my ID. This was only a level 30 game so I will just start from scratch. Besides, I love the chime of achievements LOL. Please bear with me while I get to opening my Anniversary room and gifting.


From: MeekMonkey


Hi Cookie you are in one of my games. The game freeze and reset has been happening a lot lately.I lost a game the same way while I was doing the anniversary rooms both times, at 63 after it was restored by BFG and again at level 66 and I then went to Elephant games. I have had no trouble since.