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The Special Room - Origins PART 1   Oh the Absurdity!

Started 4/29/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 30389 views.
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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)




I survey everyone's outfits while pacing back and forth.

"Are you sure Randy will be safe here?" Grim ruffles her new embroidered doublet.

We all look to Captain Post-op RoboRandy, frozen in carbonite.

"There's a release switch on the inside." I give him a knock. "It's operated by gas."

Roo has decided that pudding is no longer a viable lubricant for her mechanical knees, so Grim finds some oil, while I add some more bows to her crop-top poncho which sets off her glitter disco pants nicely.

I tend to Katie, who has come in for a standard issue straitjacket upgrade. They are all so plain and boring! Five minutes with a bedazzling gun and some leftover lobster shells has her feeling fantastic. She feels ready to go to her art therapy class now. We wonder if we will ever see her again.

We still don't know where Shelley is, so I lay out a Shirley Bassey knockout for her with a note to guard Captain Frozen-Post-op-RoboRandy.

Dandy Dog has gone to Salty's. My attempts to introduce her to the barnacle range of hotpants were not successful. So I'm wearing them instead.

"OKAY!" I clap my hands. "I think we're all ready!"

Grim produces the PLANS. "Okay… we are here and they are there."

"Question?" I raise my hand.

"Jenifer." Grim acknowledges.

"Who are they?"

We all look about with uncertainty.

"I thought you knew!"

"Only enemies I know of are in the blimp over the Cloud City."

"So who are they?"

"That's what I asked!"

PTG falls through the crack in the floor, which is the ceiling of The House of Schpadoinkle.

"Watch your step!"

He looks very cranky.

We await the scolding, while I hold material swatches up to his rather purple face.

"Definitely a winter!" I immediately head to my bell and faux fur collection.

PTG seems to suffer an aneurysm as he tries to choose his first sentence. "We're supposed to be on a mission!"

"Not in that outfit."


As I sit there in the peace and quiet of solitude I ponder on how on earth I am going to find them all again. Even Cap’n Bob, who when I last saw him was almost comatose and on a gurney has vanished.

I then look at Ms Wren’s note a little more carefully. The receipt is date and time stamped and indicates she made this purchase only about 10 minutes ago.

“Knowing” her from old, she can spend an entire afternoon looking for a reel of white cotton so she must be in seventh heaven purchasing vast amounts of frippery for all of them.

Kayley’s store then is the starting point for finding them. The only problem is that I am here and that is there and I have no map or clue how to get from one to t’other.

But Grim must have found an aperture so all I have to do is to locate their trail.

I notice that there are some damp patches in one particular spot.

Ah! That is where someone has recently dried off from their bathing activity.

I go over and sure enough an aperture opens like magic. (Well, it is magical!)

I stride through expecting to find another tunnel and end up flat on my face and peering up at four grinning females who do not seem at all surprised at my entrance.

They are all wearing ghastly outfits which could only have been concocted by that crazy Aussie fashionista.

Getting to my feet in as dignified manner as possible I am assailed by her holding a swatch of the most hideous purple satin.

No greeting! No: “How are you today?” Nothing! Just muttering about my complexion, attiring me in fur and then disappearing back among the rolls of material.

Before the air turns blue with VERY rude Cockney expletives I notice a young open mouthed lass in fancy dress at the side of the shop, who Roo is busily trying to shield from my wrath.

“Her name is Katie and she is just leaving”. Roo then quickly escorts her from the store while I compose myself.Since shouting has no effect on these harbingers of chaos and doom, I try another voice (when I have found it):

“We are supposed to be on a mission”.

And am elbowed out of the way by a very determined Grim holding a sheath of maps and diagrams.

She opens up the large scroll: “we are here and want to know where there is!”

“Ask him”, I reply pointing to Cap’n Bob who seems to be very still and isn’t talking.

It is then I notice that he has been entombed in some diabolical medical apparatus and metaphorically speaking is ‘no longer with us’

“Oh! I need a cup of tea and a search through my memory banks for previous conversations with our dear Cap’n!"

I sit down and notice Jenny Wren slyly smiling at Grim. They think that they have escaped my wrath.

They haven’t – it is just been put temporarily on hold!


I hand PTG a strong cup of English Breakfast while swaddling him in a mixture of violet, maroon and puce velvet.

"Is that my hammock?" His tea cup shakes violently against the saucer. He appears to be transfixed with some discarded linen on the floor.

"Shhh,.. never mind that now..." I cajole, while deciding on shoulder pads verses epaulets. I decide on the latter. They better compliment his jodhpurs.

PTG seems astonishingly calm as we force him into his new outfit. There are "oooh's" and "ahhh's" as we admire his quite regal commanding appearance.

The vein on his temple is positively POPPING with joy.

"SO!" I call, after the applause has died down. "Who are they?"

PTG very, very carefully sets his finished cup of tea down on the porch. He straightens his double-breasted violet/maroon/puce military jacket and takes a breath.

"WAIT!" I shout in utter exuberance. "LOOK! I'm an Angelfish!!!!"

PTG lunges at my throat.

The bets are back on.


She has a very nice throat. It is neither too big nor too small

My hands fit round it quite snugly, especially if I give them a little squeeze.

Also, the gurgling sound that emerges from deep within her is very satisfying.

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)




Am I next? Probably.

I scramble to an unknown countdown. I leave the little Rainbow rabbit a supply of carrots. All devices are charged. I've stuffed my backpack full to bursting with everything I can think in anticipation of my impending departure. Which somehow fails to open.

My phone buzzes with an incoming message:

"Dear Ggrim I found the letter writing part of the phone but I don’t know how to do punctuation the red cloak has me I don’t have time he is coming I have to"


The problem this time is that it is “Cunning” but not exactly a “Plan”!

I recall that when we were marooned in the alternative desert dimension Randy kept on muttering what a stupid “idjit” he was for not picking up some kind of amulet before sallying forth to do some exploration of the tunnels.

Although he never said anything to me directly, I got the sense that when his “pet” dragon Frosty appears they converse though their minds without speaking.

They can also travel distances and perhaps even time. He was very reluctant to talk about it, but often it was via this amulet.

So my “Plan” is to recover the lost amulet and give it to him.

He may be in a catatonic state at the moment, but what the h***, that is normal behavior for him!

This device must be in the other dimension or else Grim would have known about it.

I need to go there and seek it or find a replacement.

And that is where my “Plan” has some deficiency!

My problem is how to get there, since the trans-dimensional watch device “borrowed” from Tarquin and used to get us back to the Castle was broken and these devices are certainly not in the HOS Repository.

There are a few dust-bunnies scattered around the room and I get a gentle tug from my mystical broom as it wants to sweep them up.

I grasp my broom firmly and think hard:

“Take me to the broken watch that once belonged to Tarquin”.


I am transported to a pile of rubbish just outside the Castle walls which contains a mass of bits and pieces of broken equipment from all over the Castle.

There are bits of arms and legs from the automata; broken crockery and shards from the Tavern’s smashed glasses.

“Find me the broken bits of watch!”

The broom burrows into the discarded pile of rubbish and begins to flick bits of the watch back to me.

It finishes and returns to my side.

I now ask it to fetch me a screwdriver, table and chair from the HOS Repository, which it obligingly does.

Thus prepared I begin to put the watch back together again. I soon have it mended since I have been fixing things that I have broken all my life.

It is time to test it. If it does not work then I have no Plan B and will retire to have a mega-sulk!

I put the watch on and think: “coordinates for Fletcher’s Tea Room please”.

The little screen lights up and a set of figures appear.

There is a large button on the watch’s side and when I press it, I am back in the Tea Room with the tea that I ordered still warm.

I smile to myself!


NOW for my Cunning Plan” – Phase Two!


[Removed by Moderator]


Now for the difficult part of the Plan!

When I was in the “other” dimension I had noticed that the hills and possible civilization were quite far away.

Too far to walk and so I need transport

Is the “sooper-dooper” scooter that has just returned to Fletcher’s Tea House with a load of wine robust enough for that terrain?

It will have to do and I will go slowly, instructing my magical broom to sweep a clear path before me.

I also sincerely hope that there are no land-mines in this area (with a MASH unit nearby and possible enemy not too far away).

My broom would not like being blown up!

I will go “where no man has gone before”, mount the machine with my broom safely tucked away and instruct the watch to seek the base of those hills whose image I clearly hold in my mind.


I am enthralled at the sight before me

I am at the edge of a series of cultivated fields with bountiful crops growing in them. In the near distance there is the beginning of a row of dwellings which wind up the hill and a fortified manor house atop it.

Beyond this there are more low hills and these appear to be dotted with dark hollows (caves?).

I start up my trusty mechanical steed, move to the first path towards the village and am immediately assailed by a dive bombing flying lizard!

Within seconds I am prevented from going any further by more such small rainbow coloured lizards (or are they miniature dragons?)

And then a dark shadow blots out the sun!

To be continued!


"Jenifer!" I scream into the phone. "Jenifer!"

There is no answer. Not even when I actually call Jenifer's phone.

I return to my monitors where I am momentarily stunned. The Desert Whiptail Lizard Fun Run has been overtaken by a Cat Girl Marathon. I watch as Tarquin goes down in a crowd of nekomimi and tiger tamers. He surfaces briefly, then vanishes a second time. I do not see him again.

I call up all cameras, audio feeds and other data sources near the phone's coordinates. This appears to be the uncharted scrubland between Rocksville and the Harbor, with little to offer in terms of visuals or audio. Nothing official anyway, and as I recall the couple of tunnels are long, empty and creepy.

So is Jenifer aimlessly lost in the scrub?

On one monitor, the cat girls surge into Cloud City. I give them a distracted glance, then look more closely. The airship, usually moored over the Customs House, is still missing. Of course! Jenifer's text did mention the Red Cloaked villain. Some fine tuning and finagling of the cameras on the top of the Dark Tower and… aha!

There is the airship, currently drifting at the coordinates that match Jenifer's phone.

Hang on, Jenifer, I'm on my way!


Blah, blah blah [my words!]

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)




"It is just as well that we are here in the Special Room thread and not the Call-to-Arms thread since it prevents me from immediately demoting you or even calling for a court-marshal for dereliction of duty!"

He says all this through clenched teeth, and then continues to hiss:

"I left you as 2nd in command of our band of daring doers and you have lost ALL of them? "(with his voice rising all the time )

I smile a very wan smile and wait for his next comment/command/oath which can only be an improvement on what has just been bawled at me.

I was wrong!

"Well find them then you blithering idjut!!"

With Cap’n Bob’s command ringing in my ears I make a hasty retreat from the room.

I still haven’t a clue where to go though in order to find the others.

As I sit outside Mrs Fletcher’s Tea Rooms, which is still closed, I realize that the air around me is silent. The animals keening has stopped.

I glance upwards once more and locate my owl, still perched in the tree. Since an order for him to come to me doesn’t work I try pleading with him and to my surprise he glides down onto my shoulder.

He seems fully aware of my situation in locating the others because he then starts to tug at me to go with him towards the Dark Tower.

Well as I have nothing to lose, I follow him and in minutes he is perched on top of the Sepulcher.

He then starts to toot and claw into the ground. I am at a loss what he is trying to say or do. But suddenly he disappears!

I look at where this has happened and there is one of Grim’s apertures. It goes downward into the bowels of the earth.

I am just about to follow my owl when my mystical broom stops me.

It bundles me away from the aperture and urges me to take it in my hand.

I can take a hint!

I grasp its handle and Whooooosh!

We are in the HOS Repository where my broom starts to frantically cast inventory aside in all directions.

However, within a few minutes a little pile of items forms at my feet.

Picking them up and examining each of the items I find that they are all Craft Items and not ZZ: There is a Burden of Obedience, a Magic Caster and a Cannon of Purification among others.

I fill my pockets and hold onto my broom and once more Whooooosh!

We are back peering into the aperture down below the Sepulcher.

My owl flutters down into the passage way and then back up again tugging at my sleeve.

It is obvious where I need to go so I begin a long dark downward descent.

ventually the tunnel opens into a large hall which is also dark, dim and dank and other dismal words that start with D.

"Hello, is there anyone there?"

I've been all over the Castle for many years and faced worse that this. So why am I scared?

A soft light appears at the end of the tunnel. and I find another door. This one has no obvious lock and it appears that there is a magical barrier.

I am bemused. Have I come this far to be stopped by magic?

It is then that I notice that there is a keypad instead of a lock which is showing green.

In my book green means ‘Open’ so I try passing inside and find to my utter amazement Grim on the floor sobbing her heart out.

I sit beside her, hug her, and try to comfort her in the dark, dank room but there is no consoling her.

I get my flask of honey rum out (which I keep for medicinal purposes) and hand it to her. Between sobs she swallows a mouthful and begins to calm down.

In a quiet voice she begins one of the most remarkable and saddest tales of our world

"I had worked out that Jenifer had gone to the floating airship in Cloud City after seeing action on one of my monitors and a brief message from 'Jenny Wren' on my communication device.

"So it was rescue time once more!

But when I got beneath the blimp I saw a ghostly figure dropping from the gondola, and whoever it was - the outfit was amazing!

I called out: "Jenny Wren?!"

The House of Schpadoinkle outfit was unmistakable - but the person wearing seemed to be just a shadow of the Jenifer: a ghost!

As she fell towards me, with her hand stretched out in almost desperation, my instinct was to reach out although I have never touched a ghost before.

I barely had time to finish my existential musings before I was grabbed by the hand by this non-existential being and dragged below the earth.

And we were underground; then we began to move in a different direction until there was only blackness

All this time I was reflecting; why did I trust her? Why didn’t I let go?

But this hand was the very hand that had lured me out of my safe haven. This same hand had seen me imprisoned, abused, burnt, shackled, dangled over a vat and just plain blown up all since I met her!

So WHY was I still holding it?

We suddenly slowly stopped under the Sepulcher where there was a large opening waiting for us to venture forward.

We stopped at a large steel door with a password keypad grabbing my attention. Nine digits; only a minimum of 362880 combinations. Had to be a ‘snap’, so I pulled out my laptop and got to work.

This ghost which I now accepted as a form of Jenifer tried to say something, but I couldn't hear her and she passed through the steel door to my astonishment beckoning me to follow.

We ended up here since I left the door open for you.

I just knew you would find me!

“As I watched this apparition she put a finger to her lips.

“After all this time cavorting with malcontents, I knew when I'm being told to shut up, so I did.

There were voices behind the door which became clearer… "No, it's FIVE hundred orbs for the achievement, not just getting one of each!"

"WHAT?! When did that happen?!"

"ALWAYS! Just start grabbing any orb at this point! The Castle challenge is OVER! JUST GRAB ORBS!"

I didn't even have to look at my well-dressed ghost pal. I knew what she's saying and when she extended her ghostly hand I took it without question.

We passed though the opened door with me a step behind to find two startled guards at our sudden appearance.

I shouted to them: "Hey! I got the unicorn!" which distracted one of them.

Jenifer, in her usual
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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)




I follow.

The rabbits scuttle and burrow and begin to demolish large swathes of materials and other haberdashery.

“Why”, I ask myself. It must be important to get me here.

And there under a mound of bells, bows, barnacles and taffeta, I find a small tin box.

The rabbits hop round me and over me, all seeming to be excited.

The owl meanwhile has latched onto a hammer which he clutches in his claws, flies over to me and drops it, just missing my big toe.


It then swoops on the hammer again and take sit in its claws. I look at it warily, just in case!

I go to the box and open it with trepidation…

Inside I find several papers, which I unfold:

The Constitution of The CLAP, an unpaid gas bill, a Christmas card from someone called Pandora and an envelope.

That is addressed to me!

I open it with shaking hands and read it aloud, as is appropriate at this time in order to also relate this to the excited surrounding bunnies:

"Dear PTG. If you are reading this, then it is as a result of the highly likely event of my death. I assume it to be dynamite related."

I am struck dumb at her forecast of the possibility of such a terrible thing happening.

I then read the top sheet of paper inside the envelope:

“As you are the one who has always been my backbone and friend in our questing I have written you a little ditty. It concerns our past, present and future”

I open the page and continue:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The POEM

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Don't cry for my PTG!

~~~~~~~~~~Enjoy the time you spent with me!

~~~~~~~~~~~Live and love your time in MC

~~~~~~~~~Pray you never find yourself with me

~~~~~~~~~~~Hold my memory in your heart

~~~~~~~~~~~~I will always be your chart

~~~~~~~~~~~Divining your fabulous heart

~~~~~~~~~Overcoming those who try to part

~~~~~~~~~~~~The friendship we do hold

~~~~~~~~~~~Come and join me in the fold

~~~~~~~~~Oh, they're welcome, young and old

~~~~~~~~~~~~My new story will be told.

~~~~~~~~~~~~In it we will light a fuse

~~~~~~~~~~Our history will be our muse

~~~~~~~~~~~We have all paid our dues

~~~~~~~~~~~No acronyms will confuse

~~~~~~~~~~We're a Confused Coalition!

~~~~~~~~~~~Intelligence is our mission

~~~~~~~~~~If finding me is your ambition

~~~~~~~~~Then pay heed to my transmission.

When I recover my composure, I know that there is a lot to think about. To some extent she had already foreseen her demise and planned an escape route.

I recall Grim’s tale of the moments before we blew the underground chambers to smithereens. There was a rack of jars on one of the shelves and perhaps those contained the tortured souls of the MC victims.

I need to try and find these in the debris of the destroyed blimp so ably dive-bombed by Frosty and the Griffin.

Perhaps our evil Doctor will be there too sifting through the wreckage?


I really do forgive you Dandy Dog for crashing my Computer but Scoot now OK?..... ...Boy oh boy does that Pup ever a ges tate the very Dickens out of this poor old soul some times whooee! Anyway where is everyone anyhoo? .....Here I had ta leave for a few weeks when all heck occurs and I am left serving tea and crumpets to complete strangers....Oh Hiya Salty...Ms Fletcher I's got some grievous news to tell you so you'ed better sit down... Ya see while you were gone dirty dastardly Villains done snuck in and did all sorts of harm to the "Simple Rooms" slightly Insane Inhabitants... ...Oh no Salty....What are we going to do now? Well Ms Fletcher...Salty whispers into my good right ear...Go to the "Confused Coalition"....


So my first stop is to locate the wreckage of the downed blimp. Then I’ll search through the debris.

As the thought-wave “debris” crosses my mind, my broom actually starts to jump up and down!

I 'm not going to have any difficulty locating those bits and pieces.

I just have to take a few precautions in case I get a hostile reception when I have located them. So I give my broom the stern thought to hold fast for a moment.

But what to do about that fiend of a doctor?

A Cunning Plan comes to mind!

This one does not need explosives and in fact does not even result in the death of this unspeakable medic.

I get my repaired transportation watch out and think hard.

“I need to go to a remote frozen place in a far off galaxy with no inhabitants or other means of transport available, but able to sustain life on a very simple scale.

“Is there such a place?”

In “the blink of an eye”


I am blinded by an alien cold white landscape, totally barren except for scattered rocks and shrubs. There are some scrawny fruit and nut trees in the distance.


“Please take me back now but remember where to come if I ask you to”


And I am back at the crash site.

The area about the main square has been taped off and official looking notices posted warning people to stay away.

I give a little smile as I think of all the times we four had been told just that. “It is like a red rag to a bull”!

I slink under the tape and, as I approach the crash site of the blimp, I see that I am not the first one there picking over the remains.

At first I think that it is the doctor and prepare to zap him into eternity with my specially concocted Plan.

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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)




Ah! He is with us in mind and well as body.

I did think that he may have at first tried to prick me with his apology of a sword but my broom was on the alert so I didn’t worry.

He was, and perhaps still is befuddled.

I gently remind him, after we have made our mutual back slapping moment that passes for two friendly males greeting each other again, that he is not in the Camp he calls MASH but in Mrs Fletcher’s tea Room in the Midnight Castle.

He needs to sit down while I explain the reason for the lack of forces in our fight against evil while he has been hospitalized.

I explain the trauma that resulted in the demise of our feisty female partner Jenny Wren, whose spirit (?) has now decamped to “another place”.

But we have managed to remove, with the weapon of her choice, a severe threat to our Realm (unfortunately not Murk or Arabella though).

Because you were non compos mentis but with a great piece of luck I was able to travel with a trans-dimensional watch and able to visit your MASH unit and Camp, where I spoke to a Col. Rosie and some other rather strange evil-looking females.

When I explained to them that I wanted to contact you , since you were in a special healing sarcophagus and under the happy pills and gases, to find out your thoughts on the problems here.

The Colonel gave me this amulet you are now holding in your hand and claiming to be yours.

To cut a long story short, I finally I seem to have “found” this mirror which again appears to let us travel through the dimensions.

I have seen the beautiful scenario on the other side, and I was just about to visit it in case my former partner Jenny Wren had taken up residence there

And that, my Friend, are the recent events in a nutshell!

I give him my best smile and a little wave, which only a civilian can give!


As we sit crossed legged near the door ,I listen to all that PTG is telling me what has transpired in my absence and not as shocked as I thought I would be knowing Murk and the ugly daughter he hatched is behind all this. I am more full of angry and want his rotten hide hung high over the Castel's gates, just to show the world EVIL WILL NEVER WIN.

I smile at PTG and say it is so good to see you man you have no idea and now we have a huge job ahead of us and I will tell you this my friend we must be ready for this

for this will be a war to end all wars but I do know in my heart we shall overcome this evil , drive it back to the belly of the beast that it was spawned and restore The Land Of Midnight Castle to its former beauty no better then that back to the rightful ruler and the land back to the villagers.

I am amazed that PTG was able to get to the camp ,and back here, and to have talked to Col. Rosie that alone is scary , and the other - well he must have meet IMP , I smile just thinking of his heart beating out of his chest face to face with my IMP.

And to let you know friend this Amulet is mine, I turn it over and show him the Dragon imbeded by The Golden Queen herself , I am the only one that has this on there Amulet then I notice it is still turned on and I start to laugh ,PTG looks at me like I lost it again and backs up when I say no no it's okay and I explain exactly how the Amulets work ,when we return to camp you will recieve one as well but remember the rules in how they work , because when on everyone critters included will understand you.

Okay ready to get to work my friend? first we have to close the gate way that Murk was coming and going to all the other dimensions he was able to create I am glad I stopped you from going through again or you would have been lost forever,,

We also have be on the lookout for other doorways he has created, PTG looked at me ??? oh we will know when we see one I am sure , being in this battle for three years now I will notice anything out of sorts and question it,, now grab the Golden Fleech please


Ah well!

It was a beautiful image that I had seen of the other Castle through the mirror. But I had never considered it to be an illusion.

And how could such a calm and peaceful site belong to the ultimate in evilness?

I shake my head and trudge after Cap’n Bob who now has a very spritely step.

But first of all we make a detour into the Castle’s hospital wing, where he slips into his own room (smiling at the recollection that he still has NUMBER ONE on his door of the wing).

I keep a careful look out in the corridor as we have not vanquished all who I consider to be enemies (the CEO and Nurse Cratchett).

He rummages around his room and finds a scrappy piece of string which he pockets.

We then leave by way of one of the tunnels.

As we return down the corridor he asks me where all our other friends in the ‘funny farm’ are, as it is so quiet.

So I open the door of the end room and show him.

They are all sitting or lying there, all docile with piles of little pieces of colored wood in their hands.

There are heaps of dust bunnies flying all over the room, which my broom attacks, so their “little grey cells” must be working overtime.

Cap’n Bob is fascinated by all this and wants to know more but decides to leave that question until later

We head on up the Castle Hill via the tunnels and into the Town, ending up in Kayley’s Fabric Shop where my former dear partner had spent so much time creating her abominable wardrobes.

He seems to know what he wants as he hurls piles of fabric all over the floor in his search.

I shudder at the thought of what would have happened to him had Jenny been there to see the mayhem he has just caused!

All of a sudden he grunts with satisfaction and pulls out a sheepskin which looks very old. It is not even white but a pale yellow.


Very interesting tour I just had with PTG, strange to see a room that had NUMBER ONE on it guess this was mine at one time in an other time period, I brush away that thought in a hurry.

And wierd to see the others looking like zombies playing with colored wood bits, make note to self we will have to do a recon and come back for these poor souls, I start to snicker to myself as I see all the dust bunnies flying all over the place almost like a sand storm, and stand amazed as PTG broom goes on the attack, now that is a first for me
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PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)




ZZZZ snore , grunt, groan, sracth an itchy , visions of sugar plums, candy stars, and ginger bread men dance it me head ,I drool,oh lamb stew, 1 inch thick steak , belly rumbbbbbbbbbbels a huge smile hits me face as I vision Nurse

Kratchet ** cousin to da Krackin flying out da window then carried away all busted up , karma or me lucky day,,

I shoot up and rubs me head da scooter gots to fix da scooter zzzzzzzzzzzzzz later after me nap ,,,,,


As I make my way down the Castle to the ground and its entrance, I am pleasantly surprised to see how clean the place is at the moment.

As the appointed Chief Sweeper Upper of the Castle it is my duty to see the place clean.

Of course, my broom has the sulks (if a broom can sulk?)

I make my way towards the Broken Well, which is one of the secret ways (well it was once!) to the Faerie Kingdom.

Suddenly a loud roar and a zoom as a mad scientist girl whips by me on a souped up 50cc so-called scooter.

It looks like a “Heath-Robinson” device (for those of you mature enough to remember such things!)

I would call it a lethal projectile.

It is that mad woman dandy dog pursuing her dreams (or whatever), or giving it a test run after meddling with it.

I enter the well, go through the tunnels and emerge at the edge of the Faerie Forest. It is now just a little walk up the Enchanted Creek until I reach my destination.

This is Jenny Wren’s tombstone and is lovingly inscribed with a magical poem “from the other side”.

Suddenly Wham!

I am knocked for six by a flying banana!

Groggily, I attempt to rise.


A second yellow curved missile hits me: bullseye (but I am not saying where!).

When my eyes have stopped streaming and I can finally get into an upright position, I find that I am being stopped by a small brown primate, jumping up and down, gibbering at me, and holding yet another missile.

It is obvious that I am being prevented from going any further up the Creek.

My broom has a go at tackling it, but is too slow

Time to bring up reinforcements!

I give a little toot and point at the offender.

Within seconds the little critter has the nightmarish vision of a large eagle descending on it with claws outstretched (my pet owl always had a flair for the dramatic!)

It retreats up the hill screeching and chattering ten-to-the-dozen and disappears into the arms of a small (?)girl who is kneeling by Jenny’s tombstone!


It's just a dream you be having Capt. Randy. Yup, that's right you sweet old gullible Codger you....Dandy Dog here is quietly tip-toeing through your gray-matter with some brilliant ideas on how to improve Her Sweet it? .....First an foremost importants.... I needs speed...Yes ! lots and lots of SPEEEEEED Kapish? Next I need a "Rumble Seat with safety belt " to hold "Egor" in place while we're cruising along from one MC Island to another......Roomy Saddlebags are a must....big enough to hold all kinds of treats for all of "Simple Room's" Lovable Critters.....Whoooie! Hey there Folks!..... I might be a "New Slightly Insane MC Super Villain, but I gots Feelings Too just not for People OK? ......Strictly Critters all the way in my book......The other bag needs to have lots and lots room to hold all my Villianie Gadgets and Gizmos as soon as I can invent them in my "Secret Lab" Under the Moat....WaaaHaaa! (Villain laugh!) .....Oh, and Accessories too! A Lady Villain just cannot have TOO Many accessories right? .....Right!....I will be leaving now your really "Big Enormous" though "Slightly Insane" Brain Captain Randy cause I have to hop over to PTG's "Big Enormous" though "Slightly Insane" Brain in order to hippopotami him into forgetting He ever spied my New Monkey Assistant Egor.... Hummmmmm......You are becoming very, very sleepy PTG.....


With my pet soaring above us in a triumphant manner, diving and swooping to **** the odd rodent who is rash enough to poke its head outside to see what all the fuss is about, I trudge up the creek to my destination.

There by the tombstone, which she has adorned with very Jenny like baubles and other frippery, sits Roo.

She is quite tearful. Even her pet monkey Fez is now quiet.

I squat down beside her and hug them both. I feel at peace in such a sacred place and at home with my friend.

As we sit there, her hand touches the cool stonework.

She recoils in shock!

Fez shrieks and scampers up the tree.

She whispers: “It is pulsing! It seems to be alive!. And look, the little pink fairy seems to be beckoning us!”

With most people and in other circumstances I would think that I am being deluded or pranked by the Seven Dwarves on the opposite side of the Creek.

But not here. So I lean over and also touch the stone.

I then see that the statues of two girls behind the tombstone are now shining with a bright ethereal glow. Between them the wind seems to increase in strength and faint sounds can be heard in this breeze.

It is obvious that Ros is hearing the same sounds as her jaw drops open in shock and she clutches my arm.

Fez is now hopping up and down in an agitated manner, but that is perhaps because it does not particularly care for the green snake hovering above all of us.

I am not worried as my pet owl is more than capable of regarding it as a tasty morsel!

Besides it is reusable and needs to go into the HOS Repository!

I listen more carefully in order to try and make sense of these sounds.

And they begin to form words in the wind!


YES MASTERRRRRRRRRRRRR as I come flying from the cold hard steel thingie they call a bed, OH NOOOOOOOOOO da pills go flying as I scammper after them... whew can't let these beauties get away , and craponacracker who in tarnation would wake a man from a deep sleep * much needed I might add* even he be a half brained blumbering idjit?

Oh well I am up now I scream at me belly aw shut up I will feed you when I kin finds some food,, I am very tempted to pop a pill but I gots work to do , gots to soup up dat pink tinckle meeeeet meeeet excuse of a scooter and make it a supper dupper buzz bonb from H*** , I snicker oh I is goin likes doing dis and scare da undies off all des cwazy inm
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Book of knowledge I huff to myself as my Sharp Eyes roll around in their sockets. I have no need for this now that I have my new wisdom. I already have a solution......

As night falls I wait for the right moment when the nurses have retired to their station for their nightly swig of Cap'n Bob's secret stash of rum & PTG's sophisticated wine which for some unknown reason he ties to string & hangs out the window. Neither stash is a secret to any of us.

As the nurses doze off into their usual alcoholic stupor I get to work....

I swiftly pass the semi-conscious fools & enter the nurses laundry closet, then extract from my bag my last bottle of Obsidian Ink. I shall replace it tomorrow when I do the puzzles. I rummage around in my bag until I find what I need.

I poke the dynamite into the top of the ink, light the fuse & run. Now they'll have to obtain emergency supplies of uniforms & huggie jackets.


I wake up in a stupour and try to get me legs to follow me body , craponacracker ya thunck I would know better den to eat dat much and then get into me Honey Rum that Salty tryed to hide from me, I swear I am goin Gibb's slap him don't he knows ya kin ni hide me Honey Rum from me ?

Rot Rouh gots me torn up cow patch colour huggie all satined , okay legs follow da body to da laundry room,,,, as I pass the rooms I see all da nurses past out cold and Z up a storm, yikes me need ear muffs man dey be loud,,

I peek out da window to see iffin dey founf PTG's special wine, test bottle yep empty, oh dey better not have touched me otter stash of honey rum but by da sounds of it dey did, oh well I have more than one stash

I reach da door to da laundry room as as I turn da handel CRASH BBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM BANG I go flying out da window and land on me kesster , oh dat goin hurt in da mornin ,

Me eyes are rooling like the WOF and ears ringing from da loud BOOM,

I try and get up with a down udder area on fire and I look at me huggie jacket

OMG OMG OMG I am now a front and back , what who when why did dis dasterly deed ????


My mind pauses as I sip my special tea and sigh.

I watch the sun set and ask myself: why can’t it be serene like this always?

I am dozing with happy thoughts when a sharp pain spreads across my intimate parts!

This is due to the fact that I have just spilled hot tea all over it!

And that is because the Castle has just been shaken by an earthquake.

The other occupants in the tea room dive under the tables as the plates, cups and saucers cascade to the floor.

They seem to be happy there though since there have been no more vibrations and the content of the cake stands just so happens to have scattered all around them.

My broom is ecstatic and now is having skirmishes with the more adventurous of the customers as to who gets the fallen food.

A couple of large carving knives appear and my broom retreats in a sulk having lost a goodly part of its bristles!

My mind works overtime as I compare past experiences in earthquake activity in the area.

I really need Grim’s technical assistance in decoding the seismic trace but alas, she is not with us at the moment.

But it then dawns on me: that was no earthquake but a duplicate of the many tremors we have suffered in the past due to Jenny Wren’s pyrotechnics!

“The penny drops”.

Our newly appointed amateur scientist has done it!

I can only hope that the blast did not annihilate her as well, otherwise we are now the Famous Two.

I rush up to the Castle and into the Hospital wing.

The expression: “it looks as though a bomb has hit it” is alas unfortunately true.

My lop-sided broom does its best and begins to clear the mess.

The large hole in the wall coincides with what used to be the laundry room and door.

Sitting on the floor next to it is a zebra-colored Cap’n Bob wearing what can only be described as little more than nothing.

He is not hurt except in his wounded pride but is hurling a stream of nautical (and other) oaths at a shadow that is lurking just round the corner of the corridor.

It is then that I hear a quiet female voice explaining that she thought that it was a good idea at the time

I sigh once more.

We have gotten ourselves another nutcase of the female of the species who is called Roo and who thinks she is a fully paid up member of our team.

She will certainly get Cap’n Bob’s vote when he has calmed down!

But we must dress him first, but with what?

It is then that I notice that the door to the nurses’ room is open with loud snoring noises erupting from it.

They are all reclined in various poses in a drunken slumber.

I tell Roo to finds the largest of them and remove her top garments.

These I pass to Cap’n Bob and tell him: “these or nothing!” as we hear the noise of approaching footsteps.

With a scarlet face and still mouthing oaths that are unprintable here, he puts them on

They fit him like a glove!

As we race down the corridor into the adjacent wing, my thinking is that he certainly needs to lose some weight!


"Well" I scream as we run "A simple thank you would suffice, in English if you don't mind. I don't understand your Maritime’s language" At least I assume Cap'n Bob has reverted to his native tongue.

"I'm still experimenting & perhaps I should have only used half a stick of dynamite but I couldn't cut it with the silly scissors they let us have."

It is at this point I realise the gravity of my situation.

" Don't blame me, it was your honey rum soaked breath that fuelled the explosion. If I had known you were going to open the door I would have added a golden leaf to cover your exposed regions & some diamond sparkles to match your blouse." As I pass the Cap'n who luckily hasn't quite got the hang of his new knee syncing with his old knee whilst in running mode I shout "All this fuss over a small bang, tomorrow you'll be complaining that your new huggie jackets don't reflect your individuality "


Well we all make it back to Grim’s secret control room housing all the Castle monitors without much in
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I decide it is time to have a little pause before we concoct another Cunning Plan.

But the gleam in her eye is not in keeping with my caution.

I need to help her to pause and reflect on our future.

Now - if she does not have the immediate wherewithal to continue with her pyrotechnic activities, then we can have such a pause.

She does not know this, but my scanning of the monitors in our HQ has revealed what she mistakenly calls her “secret room”. And that is where she will prepare her tools for future chaos.

Time to “rein her in” a little!

She goes skipping off towards the Hospital wing with her camera, as she obviously wants more evidence of the ineptness of the CEO.

I smile at her youthful enthusiasm and make my way via the tunnels into her little hide out.

[As I am the Chief Sweeper Upper I have all the master keys to the Castle for immediate access in order to clean]

As I enter the room and survey the utter state of chaos that is before me, I reflect that she is NO housewife!

Unfortunately, I let go of my broom, and despite my protestations and horror, within the blink of an eye it tidies everything up: books, papers, bottles…… everything!

I gulp! “Oh! dear.

Me thinks, “that is a bit over the top.

If it were Grim, I could say she is not going to be a ‘Happy Bunny’!”

Time to leave her not-so ‘hidey-hole’ before she returns and demonstrates what an enraged Roo can do to a poor human male partner!

First I remove her pyrotechnic materials for safety.

Also being brought up in a correct manner, I write her a note, explaining what I have done.

And leave for my own barricaded hide-out!


Mumble, mumble,...snort, snort...Grumble, grumble......Quit yous whining now Bing and get your sorry behind back ta Mrs Fletchers before I's forgets about those awesome sandwiches ya make and toss ya out of this here Drinking Establishment on your bloom'un ear! ...Besides,.... ... was'nt that there Cake Mrs Fletcher assigned over ta you so delicious that Roo design and made you a specially nice "Sandwich-Making" Huggy Jacket with lots and lots of pockets for the sandwich utensils to keep handy while in and around Mrs Fletcher's kitchen....Mumble, mumble....Yes Bing.... I am afraid that you will have to apologize to PTG and His Marvelous Malto-Tasking Broom for the gigantic mess ya made while preparing that there cake....and swear ta never do it again OK?..... Now you scoot Bing cause I's have ta make a whopping huge order for Captain Randy .....Hummmm....Or am I suppose to give it to PTG for the Captain?....Better call ta be sure.......Hiya PTG!...... About that Honey Rum whose it for?..... For the Captain ya say? Ya don't say.....OMG! That bad? He's running around in just one of Roo's sweet "Huggy-Jackets" .....and yelling about an "Evil Murk" pursuing our own dear Friend Arabella?....There's More?.... Whats that oboust Apollo and His Smoke?...PTG this is worse then I thought for our Poor ol' Slightly Insane Capt..... Have it rushed over as soon as it stops fermenting all of it's sweet and tasty goodness......Just hope it will help what ails the Captain Friends....


I sit curled up in my comfy armchair.I always knew this room was temporary,in a few months everyone will want to visit here .

I feel very sad & wonder how PTG could do this to me .

Suddenly I am struck with realisation! This isn't the work of PTG,he would never do anything that involved getting his hands or his huggie jacket dirty.This is that infernal broom of his.

I leap into action & set my plan in motion.After completing a few HOSs to get the items I need (I'm not happy about carrying the bugs but they are essential).My last stop is Kaleys where I find what I'm looking for.

I find the broom at the next trash can.He stops as I say

"There's still a pile of debris at the Castle Gates & PTG asked if you would clean it up"

His eyes light up as he almost drags me there & as he leans over to inspect the pile I promptly hit him on the heart with a horseshoe, he slumps to the ground.

I load him into the rusty cage.Use my scissors to cut off most of his bristles & cover the cage in the fine netting from Kaleys.

As he awakens I throw in the bugs & tell him they are giant termites that are hungry.


I awaken to a new dawn, having slept in the recently refurbished harem quarters in the East region of the MC. Lovely soft cushions and comfy bed, with pleasant bird sounds chirping away.

My contemplation is disturbed however, by a somewhat excited Dandydog brandishing a large flagon of freshly made honey rum, which he intends to take to Cap’n Bob.

But the Cap’n is not so easily to be found at the moment and he is, to put it bluntly, slightly out of his mind.

So I await the outcome with interest!

I realize that there is no altruistic motive in Dandydog’s action as his sooper-dooper-souped-up scooter “borrowed” by our partner needs to be returned to its rightful owner!

My idle thoughts, now that I am fully awake, start to generate the inevitable dust bunnies.

Which scatter onto the carpet?


Where is my very efficient right-hand assistant? Where is my magical broom?

I look at the dust bunnies and then call it into action

Nothing! No physical or mental presence whatsoever.

This increase in my mental faculties generates even more dust bunnies and I begin to worry

Have I been demoted and my broom confiscated again?

It was not I who was the instigator of the splendid explosion that engulfed our unworthy CEO and visiting VIPs, although I did encourage my new partner to do some such activity.

I quit the East Realm and return to home ground and into Grim’s HQ room to survey the all-seeing monitors.

It is at the Castle Gates that I espy a strange cage covered in thin fabric.

From within it is strange chitter-chatter together with grinding noises. Scattered around the cage are bristles jerking up and down and trying to enter the cage.

It is then that I see Roo sitting on the steps with a huge grin on her face and holding a large pair of scissors.

She couldn’t have?

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"Drat! and treble Drat!”

That irascible partner of mine, JUST at the last second, let go of my hand as we sped back to the Castle.

So now he is still there and I am here alongside Roo trying to explain why he is not with me.

And I am most upset because I had just concocted yet another Cunning Plan in which he would have been centre stage in his Eastern Potentate gear.

Roo looks up and gives me a smile and it is an impish grin that she wears!

Oh dear! She has plans and I can only hope that Something is NOT afoot just yet!

As I sit down and begin telling of my recent meeting with Cap’n Bob, her pet monkey Fez begin to get very agitated and starts jumping up and down.

It crawls all over my hand which is holding the broom and begins to tug at it.

Once more I wish and wish I could understand animal speak, when Roo tells me that it wants me to go somewhere.

But where?

There is a saying; “Let the train take the strain!” > well in this case: train=broom!

Politely asking my partner if she wanted to come along and getting a refusal, I firmly grasp Fez’s neck and think hard to my broom; “let us go where……”


To my amazement we are back in the Eastern Realm in another wing of the Palace.

There is my partner Cap’n Bob in flowing robes ‘hotfooting it’ in golden slippers down the corridor with a large cow AND the camel in pursuit!

He is not silent. In fact he is bellowing loud enough to waken the dead

Alongside him, keeping in step and chitter-chattering away is another monkey who seems to be familiar.

As soon as it spots Fez and I. it rushes over and does a little dance that only requires the Harbor hurdy-gurdy to complete the scene.

They obviously know one another quite well!

Randy grinds to a halt as he spots me and yells: “GO! GO! GO! Get us all out of here before we are trampled or smothered in gunk by those ebijeebi munsters!”

I am inclined to oblige so gathering up the two monkeys we teleport back to join Roo.>>>>>>>>>


Phew, luckily PTG has gone off with Fez (I don't think he would approve of my friend) so I run of to my I cross the drawbridge I see her covered wagon outside the tavern & run up to meet her.

My friend Cowgirl has answered my plea to replenish my stock of items "with a kick" PTG still hasn't clicked that I always have a plan B.

Looking at all the glasses on the table Cowgirl must have been here for some time.

Having transferred all the explosive materiel to my room, mostly by myself I might add as I did not trust her in her inebriated state. She might end up blowing herself up & me with it .We decide to toddle off to the new Eastern Kingdom.

At the Palace Balcony it is obviously clear that Cap'n Randy has been here before me. The mini cask of brandy is already missing from around the St. Bernard’s neck!!

We enter the Persian Bazaar & immediately Cowgirl sees the cobra, in between screams she tries to shoot it. The snake charmer burst forth with a torrent of what I can only assume is abuse in a foreign language. The only words I understand are "Call the Palace Guard". The monkeys are screeching in fear & the Ox has left a pile of do-do fearing tomorrow he might be Ox burgers.

Our only means of escape is the Flying Carpet so we hop on with absolutely no ideas how to steer it. I find myself wondering, if need be what we can jettison & how much Cowgirl weighs


>>>>>>> It only takes me two blinks of the eye to realize that all is not well!

My anticipation of now being seated in Mrs Fletcher’s pleasant Tea Room, or some other civilized venue in the Castle, is dashed.

Instead we seem to be zooming at an enormous speed down a lush green valley.

My broom is like a hurtling dart with me trailing behind it, and clutching two monkeys.

Cap’n Bob is holding onto its end and to all purposes looks like an enormous billowing kite-like monster from pre-historical times!

On the one side, as we swoop by, I can see a beautiful castle with turrets and minarets and on the other side, on doing an abrupt 90 degrees change in course, the SULTAN’S PALACE.

Holding on for dear life to my broom I quickly glance at my partner Cap’n Bob.

Now he has always let me believe that he is a seasoned traveler used to all kinds of voyaging.

So why I muse, is he a beautiful shade of emerald green at the moment?

Then my two monkeys begin screeching and pointing.

There ahead of us is a small square missile doing some very convoluted

I am then yanked by Fez’s new found friend to gaze behind me.

There, looking the epitome of a maniacal demon from outer space is Dandydog on her souped up two wheeled jalopy, following US!

We close on the square mystical transport ahead and I then see that there are two passengers (if that is the correct word?)

And one of these is ROO!

As if matters cannot get worse, Roo's companion who I can now see more clearly is another of the female of the human species dressed for riding horses and not these magical contraptions.

Neither of them seem to have the faintest idea on how to drive their transportation device, as my protestations on getting them to stop has no effect whatsoever.

Roo just shrugs rather ruefully as we hurtle down this green valley in tandem.

The roar of our following souped up scooter is getting closer and Dandyog seems to be signalling with her horn.

Well that is what I take to be the case, rather than her general over excitement at the chase.

Unfortunately Roo’s companion thinks otherwise and produces a rather large gun which she begins to discharge at Dandydog and her machine!

But not for long as their transport makes a very abrupt stop and deposits both of them in a heap on the grassy sward. Their machine, which I now recognize as being a magic carpet, hovers about six feet above them.

No wonder they could not control it,. It only understands Arabic!

Dandydog, parks her jalopy and we all gather together.

The two monkeys begin dancing and clutching happily to their owners clothing

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I look up at Mr's Fletcher and man she looks good and smeelll even better and who would thunck she just went ten rounds wiff da Cowgirl *** and won I might add what a woman**** then I spy and smeell at da same time the very large picur of OMG I start to drool of purty yellow ambrosia *** drink of da God;s I kin hardly control me hands as de wrap around the picur and in da wink of an eye to me lips pass me gums look out belly her she comes''

Mr's Fletcher is tickeled pink as I guzzzzzel da sweet nectar she pats me on da shoulder and winks saying easy der honey buns oppsie I mean Cap wimks and walks away ,,,

PTG says Can We Talk?? with dat I miss a drop or two that slides down me chin on to me brand new clean huggie ,, oh well I kin get dat later, I drain da last drop pat me belly and let out a BURB from me toes that rocks da table ,,, I stretch me legs and get bite on me ankle WTH as I flip the cloth and look under da table ,, der be Roo hiding under da table now wipeing her mouth cause she be da one who bite me ankel, I yell at her WOMAN get out of der what in tar nations ya doing under da table??? de ye no know that is reserved fer druncks????

I help Roo up and do I get a thank ya ??? NO I get a humph and Roo fixes her doo and walks over to join Mr's Fletcher ,,,,, but wait Roo I have to talk to you bout sumthin,, but she keeps on walking,, well I never ,,,, sheeeeeeesh women , Oh sorry der PTG you where saying??

We need to talk??? sure but BTW thank ya fer da tea bags but kin you warn me da next time ,, you scared me pants off thought I was blind.......... now what does ya want to talk about?


Dandy Dog!....Get your @#$%^*&^% tail wagg'un Behind out from behind my counter so I's can serve these Fine Simple Room Folk! .... I Can't right this minute Salty. ....Ya Can't?....Why not Dandy Dog?.... .....Cause I keep going .....<<<<<<Poof>>>>>....And I's don't know how ta STOP!....Waaaaaa! .... ....Well now Dandy Dog, quiet your blubber'un and ask one of you's more Intelligent Com-pad-reys.... .....Ya gotta find out Why ya go around Poofing when you least expect it and go from there......Hummmmmm....Ya know Salty,......The <<<<Poofing>>>> all started when We were together in the East Realm..... and who knows just what kinds of Spells, Potions and such are floating around there.. .......Just maybe a Genie Zapped- Dabbed me when we where busy corralling Roo's Cowgirl Friend?......Thanks for the help Salty!.....Anytime Dandy Dog, Now Vaboose! .....See ya later alligator...... ........Brooooom.....Broooom.....Brooooom.....


“Cap’n Bob”, I begin and immediately get interrupted by a loud “BURP!”

A sheepish grin spreads all over my partner’s face as he lets rip.

“GRRRRR! That liker is sooooo good!

“I kin no listen with me pecker so parched!”

To my amazement he gets up,now all spry and bouncy while I am still dizzy from the vigorous assault on my person by that raving lunatic of a Cowgirl.

He heads out of the door.

I sigh. No need to ask where he is off to. It must be his regular “tipple time” and only Salty can slake that thirst.

So I follow him up the hill and into the Tavern.

As I enter I notice that he has already given our Drunken Skeleton a rattle as he approaches the bar and Salty.

“Stop ya polishin that pot an fill it wiv my favrit B*r*e*w!"

Salty points round behind the bar and without any comment indicates a rather large and new sign:


How our worthy host survives the next few moments I will never know!

He is pinned down onto a large platter on the counter by an enraged Cap’n who gets his utensils out!

Just before his is stuffed with a piece of his own fruit he manages to croak

The Cap’n releases him and stows his weapons.

A rather shaken Salty fishes under the counter and soon there is the distinctive aroma of the Cap’n’s favorite brew filling the room with its intoxicating (or should I say ‘toxic’?) fumes.

Once more sated by ambrosia he turns to me and asks: “What’s up Doc?” [ well not exactly those words, but you get my meaning].

I clear my dusty throat since my broom has just decided to give the place a 'once over'

When a rather querulous Salty says: “So sorry to interrupt you folks”

“But - my favorite Miss Dandydog was in here just now and she is feeling rather peculiar”

I ask him: “How?”

“Well she keeps on going <<<<<<Poof>>>>>!

“She thinks she’s caught some germy thing in the Eastern Palace and so has just left to find out if there is a cure”

My partner has just gone all quiet (which bodes ill for someone, so I distance myself slightly).

“And how, may I ask, has she gotten there?”

As Salty dives for the cellar trapdoor he replies: “On her sooper doooper scooter”

The Cap’n once more sports a very high blood pressure and scarlet fumed filled face:


Being of military bent, he is SO used to giving orders and I am now at their receiving end:

“Back to the Casbah with your magical broom!. PRONTO!"



Full of spirits and filling purty good I look at PTG and say LET ER RIPE<<<<<<<<

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHOOSHHHHHHHHHHH<<<<<<<<<<<<< off we go to da East to find Dandy Dog,, I remind PTG and his crazy broom,,,, DO NOT land us near da spitin Camel or I will have your hide PTG and your briskels hear me broom??

Feel da broon shudder and chuckel thunk it gots me message,,,,,,,,

ZOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM as we fly through da air gettin closer to our objective

there I point to da broom **** not sure it has eye or ears but PTG kin handel it I HOPE

land us der BEHIND da Cat on da Palace Square iffin dat id
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