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Just Joining (late) The Party!   Welcome!

Started 9/15/19 by SirePeteS; 6861 views.

From: SharpEye1


Thank you, my friend!! heart_eyes

FYI, the Raven Egg is for crafting the Little Raven pet.  It's one of the new pets for the anniversary event.




I play TOAD488361  Otter595356 if you need more friends just send friend request. I have been ill and not playing much but feeling better. Will play at least once a day and as I have many friends you will probably get gift once a week.

Good luck KNIMtheTOAD


From: SirePeteS


Well ... time for next set of questions. Thought I had an initial understanding, was doing OK. Just experience  new wrinkles.

Had been visiting friends' rooms & clicking on HOS. Got build-up of coins. Now, that seemed to stop. Did I happen to join & start during some specific event which has ended? What do I do to get more coins now - quickly?

Was playing HOS and had to 'craft' an item. Again, thought I understood this & proceeding OK. Now, I'm stuck. I have one Unique Amulet but need two. How do I seek & get amulet(s)?

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Yep, it was the anniversary event to celebrate 5 years of MC. It ran for rather a long time, seasonal events are shorter (but have three HOS to play).

The standard answer for getting coins is: do the rounds i.e. play every HOS in the castle. Very effective but rather tedious. If you had a lot of stamps you could craft some items which sell for way more than they cost crafting. If you have won some eggs on the wheel or in the puzzles or been gifted some by friends you could sell them. (When asking friends make sure to state that you are going to sell them; "need coins" after your name does the trick. Some are able and happy to help you out but others would only help for crafting pets.) Same goes for craft items, a ancestor spirits, blessing pendant or moster of the dawn bring a nice sum and advanced players are often willing and able to help a newbie out.

Crafting: If you have to craft something for a task you get sent to item in the lab directly. There are all the ingredients listed. If you're missing a HOS or ZZ item you will be sent from there to the scene where you can get it. I think you mean unique stamp, not amulet. Amulets can't be crafted, you get them either as an achievement or you buy them during events and there is only one of each kind. The unique stamp (or any other stamp) drop from HOSs, occasionally from collecting morphing flowers, they come out of boxes in the private rooms, sending airships gives a stamp, so does Trina's wheel and the wheel of fortune, playing the puzzles might get you stamps. One or two unique stamps are also in one of the three chests you can open at the start of each game day. Friends may gift them to you when you put them on your wish list. The dame tends to get very miserly when you run out of things. Best to collect a minimum 20 of each, then build it up to 50 and for plain stamps a base of 100 is recommended.


From: SharpEye1


Hi Pete,

As I mentioned before, I'm happy to gift you Panda, Squirrel, and Phoenix eggs (they are worth $5000 coins each) so you can sell them for the coins.  Thanks to a friend who is unloading their inventory, I've got a nice amount of eggs to gift out.  I have also asked a couple of friends to invite you and they will do the same (Randy and aa (Alan)).  Just put one of the eggs on your list, then rotate to the next egg, etc.  Also, not sure if you've read in AEGRAM's Guide yet about the Consortium, but they are a group of friends that are there specifically to gift items needed to new players!  There is a thread with the list of Consortium members but 'm not savvy on how to put the link here for you.  I'm sure someone can jump in here with that for you. There are members for each platform (PC, Android, iOS) because you can't cross platforms.  In other words, someone who plays on iPad can't gift someone playing on PC.


Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


The link to the consortium thread is here.

Btw. when you copy a web address it will usually automatically be a link.

If you want your own text to link to something, copy the address to your clipboard, highlight the text you want to work as a link, click on the link button , then paste the address from your clipboard, confirm and you are done.


From: SharpEye1


Thank you so much, my friend!  It sounds pretty easy when you put it here for me to visualize! heart_eyes Ada


From: Tannie2018


I thought I would share with you my favorite pets.

1.  & 2. Baby Boy and Baby girl. These are Easter pets, and my most favorite of all. They only take simple food and bring back gold chests 80% of the time.

3. Cook. Also an Easter pet. I like him because he only takes 2 unique foods which is handy when a daily wants you to feed pets 12 times, and I only need 2 more after sending out Baby Boy and Baby Girl.

4. Winter Cat, a Christmas pet because he only uses 3 rare foods.

5. Sled Dog, a Christmas pet because he uses 4 special foods.

There are a variety of pets that use all the food, and also only take a few foods. It's nice to have at lease one pet that uses each of the 5 different foods. Still, Baby Boy and Baby Girl can't be beat because they use the cheapest food, and 80% of the time bring back gold chests.