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Just Joining (late) The Party!   Welcome!

Started 9/15/19 by SirePeteS; 6917 views.

From: Tannie2018


I thought I would share with you my favorite pets.

1.  & 2. Baby Boy and Baby girl. These are Easter pets, and my most favorite of all. They only take simple food and bring back gold chests 80% of the time.

3. Cook. Also an Easter pet. I like him because he only takes 2 unique foods which is handy when a daily wants you to feed pets 12 times, and I only need 2 more after sending out Baby Boy and Baby Girl.

4. Winter Cat, a Christmas pet because he only uses 3 rare foods.

5. Sled Dog, a Christmas pet because he uses 4 special foods.

There are a variety of pets that use all the food, and also only take a few foods. It's nice to have at lease one pet that uses each of the 5 different foods. Still, Baby Boy and Baby Girl can't be beat because they use the cheapest food, and 80% of the time bring back gold chests.

Howdah (smitcheltree)

From: Howdah (smitcheltree)


I would like to add to not ignore the puzzles. A lot of people are put off by the smirky kid, but just ignore the smirks. On my Potlatch game, my computer over heats and takes forever for the game to load, so try to go on about half an hour before MC day ends, gift friends, spin wheel and Trina's wheel. I am trying to get rid of inventory. I need something to do until the new MC day begins so I can gift again. The back light on that computer is not good so it makes doing HOS had on my old eyes, so I have started doing puzzles to get items to craft to gift. For example, one day I obtained a hyena chain and steam tool to craft a Mechanical Heart worth 2,080 coins, the Sun Amber and Sign of Pennance to craft the Blessing Pendant worth 2,240, and the Druid's Hand, Luner Eclipse and Rage of the Forrest to craft the Ancesters Spirit worth 2,000. All of this in about half an hour. Of course, I don't always get three in that time but usually am able to craft 2. I make suggestions to my friend of what big items I have a lot of for them to wish for. I am really having more fun right now with this game than with my Howdah game where I am waiting for new content. There is a tell on the kid, but I am not going to tell you because if it gets out the devs will probably try to fix it. Just observe carefully. It is not 100%, closer to 65%. 

If you do the puzzles regularly, I hope you've seen my puzzle "hack."  I used to do them regularly, not so much any more.