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Awakening Kindom question   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 9/19/19 by pclark200; 503 views.

From: pclark200


I am still hanging in trying to hang in and play on Awakening Kingdom, even though BF has cut the connection. Some things work, some don't. But I just ran into something I don't understand. What are Bolgins? I looked at the forum, but don't know what they are or where you get them. I guess I don't have any Bolgins, and don't know if I can get them with the game compromised like it is now. Help?



From: Myelle01


Hi Patty

Welcome! This forum is mostly for Midnight Castle so I don’t know if anyone here can answer your question. I think you mean the game named Awakening Kingdoms.

You can try contacting BFG customer service; just remember to answer all contact emails from them.

Also, do a google search for the game name/bolgins to see what you come up with.

Good Luck

I just looked at the forum for this game and did a search. It looks like they are some sort of currency for purchasing things you need within the game.

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From: pclark200


Yep, I love Midnight Castle and actually completed three daily quests today! Yeah for me! LOL!

But also know some of the folk on here also played Awakening Kingdoms, and, while I read the forum about Bolgins, still could not figure out what exactly they were or how to get them (some people mentioned buying them). Hoping I can still chug forward on playing this game because I came late to it, and BF closed it down before I could get very far.


From: mmpendo


pclark200 said:

But also know some of the folk on here also played Awakening Kingdoms

So true.

I don't still play AK but I did get a many many hours (months, years) of enjoyment from that game.

I was devastated when ART was shut down (although I was already stalled by a glitch, still had thoughts of starting from scratch).

Our options for games of this ilk are becoming non existent. I suppose they didn't generate enough revenue. But Kudos to the Creators of these games - for their artistry, their vision and their hard work.

Today it seems to me the choices are either pay-to-advance or gambling. I no interest in either.

I will continue to play MC, albeit slowly (just started one year ago), for as long as it is still active.

If I remember rightly, Bogins are the currency for the game.  However, it is at least 5 years since I last played that game so I could very well be wrong.


From: loopykaren


Hi i started to play this a few months back then i had the same connections probs that you 

have so i thought i dont see the point of playing a game that i dont really know what the concept of it is so i actually just took it out my D drive the other night i also have been playing MC for 3 yrs now i think and i have not long maxed it out on level 93 i still love the graphics on MC till i get fed up with the same event rooms like im on now... whoppie doo i now 1 more day to finish about 80 odd Anniversary rooms my sons mate has given me a link for a new site starting up so i think i will try that nxt