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game glitch funny   Technical Issues

Started 9/20/19 by GinnyTLC; 621 views.

From: GinnyTLC


Hi to all and you got to hear this.

Ok I lost my game. went back to level 1 from being on level 89. My back up didn't work so I thought I would just play it. maybe get in on fall event with it. 

Well I had mail I think left over from before I lost game. I just left it because I couldn't gift back, anyway I play hop and at the end I was in 6th place under my friends. LOL. Ok this stuff is kind of weird right. WAIT IT GETS BETTER. I reach the point when you get John as a friend. OK LOL. I open the social AND WAIT FOR IT. and ALL MY FRIENDS ARE THERE. YAHOO.I can't gift cause I don't have anything, but I got friends. I went to my player and put in my player name, Grams G.G.  then went on grandkids game and I'm back on that friend list, so I should be back in every ones list. I'm kinda back. I'm at least going to bed SMILING.

Nite to all. Grams G.G.


From: LadyDiFL


I noticed the "blank" avatar yesterday, and did not gift you at that point.  Today you were on level 11 I think, and the gifts are on the way to Grams GG.  Hang in there.


From: GinnyTLC


Thank you my friend, and to all my other wonderful friends. 

My wish list won't be changing much for a while. What's up there is from my old game  ( the won I lost ). When I went to change it the space became locked and I had to buy it back. So the only new thing on it is pet food ( never enough when you first start).

My so glad to have all my friends back. I don't feel so lonely when I'm playing and I didn't have to send new invites. I'm going to accept all gifts and try to gift back when I can.

Love you guys. 

Grams G.G.

  • Edited September 21, 2019 8:12 pm  by  GinnyTLC