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Fall Event   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Oct-1 by alliebdive; 1974 views.

From: alliebdive


When do we think this is going to start?  I thought it might be this week, but doesn't seem so.  

In the past, it’s been at least mid-October, & getting later nearly every year. It should at least start before Halloween, because the Winter Event is right on it’s heels. 


From: moonflower61


This will be my first halloween event. I hope it starts sooner than mid October, I’m looking forward to it and should be a lot of fun! 


From: AEGram


Dates Fall started:

October 12, 2015
October 17, 2016
October 19, 2017
October 25, 2018

 In every year, the event concluded on November 30. So there will be plenty of playing time for the event even if it doesn’t start until mid-October.

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From: mrssharon18


I am thinking the fall event must be about to start, otherwise what is with the black, fiery weedy things growing everywhere?  Not every scene has them yet, but I noticed they seem to be spreading.  Or maybe I just have a really bad virus?

This is from the MC Game Guide,...………..

6. The “black matter” that permeates throughout many of the scenes and locations also is not seasonally associated. The story behind that is too complicated for this Guide.** This black matter makes it a bit difficult to find some of the objects within the scenes – especially in the Unique Dishes HOS. It first show up shortly after you reach Level 50 – when you activate the Crown of Gnomish Heritage. It continues to be in all the scenes/locations until Level 56 when the Limb Entrance is opened. 


From: mrssharon18


Thank you for clarifying that.  I didn't understand how I could see it and others not.  Now I get it.  It hasn't been too much of a challenge finding the objects.  It almost seems they are even more prominently displayed.  I think it's time I give some serious attention to reading the Guide.  Looking forward to Level 56!