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Have I Hit A Closed Loop?   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Oct-11 by SirePeteS; 504 views.

From: SirePeteS


I have been in a loop - not allowing progress. Wondering if this is normal or have I hit  a glitch. For two days, I have attempted to do get past the same item - bear's fury. Have been directed to that from both a quest and during crafting sequence. I know may be a repetitive need [1 of one or 2 of two - I checked for this]. Each instance directing me there, I hit a time-out for about an hour. I wait then try again. I click through all the steps and selections then think I will have finished that. Yet when I return to the sequence directing me to the the bear's fury, I see I need to do that again. Have gone through this five times. I have noticed before something similar but did not imagine there was a problem, until now. Ideas, advice, help ... please?

Nona (Waldmeister)

From: Nona (Waldmeister)


Maybe it helps when you clear your cache and empty the temp folder.

You could put the item on your wish list or puzzle for it and get over this glitch. Don't know how your quest was worded but for most of the game you should be able to get round an actual visit and get the requested item by other means.

An un- and reinstall might help. (Works well on PC but is risky on other platforms. Better make a backup and since something seems to be wrong with your game better not overwrite a previous backup but save it somewhere else or under a different name.

Last resort is contacting BF CS or Elephant games.

Good luck!four_leaf_clover


From: SharpEye1


Hi Pete--My memory is not as good as it once was so I don't know if it's something you need to do numerous times or if it's a glitch.  Once again, I've copied AEGram and Charlie, who may be able to answer correctly to help you. Ada heart_eyes


From: AEGram


SirePeteS..... When you have a problem in the game, it's always helpful to give us the Level number, the character asking for the quest you're stuck on, and the 2 things the character is asking you to get/do ... For instance, in Level 33 Valeria asks you for Bear's Fury and Silver Embrace.

With that info, we can check notes to see if others reported a problem in that area, search the Guide to see what else is going on at the same time that may be causing a problem, etc.

Also, both Bear's Fury and Seed of Life come from the same HOS --- Did you also have open/activated the Special Interest Daily Quest? ....for the second part of that DQ, you're sent to the Bow requires 2 of the Bear's Fury and 2 of the Seed of Life. IF you first activated that second part of the DQ, you might have used them to open the Bow Figurine, which then used them up.

Without further info concerning level and character quest request, I cannot really offer any additional suggestions.

Although, Nona's suggestion to be sure your Internet cache has been cleared as well as the emptying of the Temp folder in the AppData/Local folder is a good suggestion.

I wouldn't necessarily consider uninstalling/reinstalling the game right now, though.

CC to SharpEye1
In reply toRe: msg 4

From: SirePeteS


Thanks [ALL] for your patience and helpful advice. If needed, I will attempt to be much more specific, as directed. For now, though, I am now convinced there is no problem with my PC while playing. Since I posted the initial message, I have been more sensitive/aware as I proceed. I observed (no need for anyone to affirm or reject) there is a programmed feature of this game; not writing against nor saying I like it but ... During the past couple days, and watching carefully, I have experienced the same [frustration] trying to work through four other items. Getting the same blockage as I described for the Bear's Fury. I go through the actions, thinking I have completed what's needed to secure that item, only to discover as I return to the level or action directing me to look for the item, there is still demand I go to that item and work on it again. After the second or third time, I encounter a time-out for up to one hour.  I can expect I will seem impatient but I don't like clicking up to 8-10 levels only to get frustrated and reach an hour-time-out. When I see this happening, I will resort to the puzzle. There I can try to get the item and keep making progress.