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Friends of Aly   Friends

Started Oct-11 by MeekMonkey; 331 views.

From: MeekMonkey


Time has come for me to say goodbye to my desktop my Aly game has been saved and keep for a little later I may get back to it. I have left my Halloween Room open for the event. Please yourself after that delete me if you wish. Best wishes to all. I will still be playing the castle with my other 2 game Meek and Patrick.

Thanks for the update.  As I am friends with your other 2 games, I'll see you around the castle.  Will keep your Aly game for as long as I'm able to play your Fall Room.


From: MeekMonkey


I may reinstate the game but am reluctant to have 3 uses on my laptop. I will play Aly If I get the chance to put it on a computer with a network that is unlimited as I data use have limited data usage while I travel