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when is halloween coming   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 10/12/19 by Lizzardo123; 6251 views.
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From: Lizzardo123


what's weird is the old halloween room has 3 HOS that are active but I think is giving things that we might not need for this season.  The new one has only 1.

Is there any new pets?  Also a big thank you to those who have been helping me out with the high new level $$$ situation I'm in and have given me panda

eggs!  I really appreciate it!   My id is A880500 Lizzardo on android for anyone looking for the new room.


From: AEGram


Lizzardo123 said:

Is there any new pets? 

There are 2 new pets that can be crafted. You will receive those eggs from the new Halloween Room 2 HOS. To see what is entirely needed to craft the Gluttonous Gargoyle and the Thrifty Hedgehog, please look at the paw tab in your laboratory and scroll down to the appropriate pet.