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PC Problems with MC Launching   Technical Issues

Started Oct-14 by LadyDiFL; 789 views.

From: LadyDiFL


Just wanted to let friends know that Rory and KC are on the laptop which I guess I screwed up.  They cannot gift anyone right now because I can't get the game to Launch.  For the meantime, please don't bother sending any gifts.  I think it's a waste of resources.  I will let you now when they are up and running again.  Thanks.

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From: LadyDiFL


Although no one responded to my post, I am happy to report that I can now Launch MC on both Rory and KC.  There was an update from Avast (security program) that disallowed the Launch.  I uninstalled it and alles klar! 


From: misstracy22


Well done, I’m not very good with computers. So couldn’t offer any useful help. Only perhaps putting the kettle on. 
I did notice the alles klar. Which brought back fond memories of our visits to Germany and friends. So thank you.

Gratefully yours, Tracy relaxed

Thanks for the warning. I use Avast so it's good to know.


From: datsalotta


I just have to reply about Avast. I had several computer problems from Avast after installing it on my new laptop August 2018. I have since changed back to Norton Security who has never given me a moment's grief after I installed it on my laptop in 2010. Then lo and behold Avast just charged me $98.97  on my credit card. I was livid. Thought I was rid of them. So I phoned them and explained I wanted nothing to do with them and they actually sent me a refund on my card. So I talked to my cardholder and have put a 'block' on Avast so no more charges will appear. That better be the end of them. If they send me an email I send it to Spam.

So buyer beware, right?


Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


I also had to give up my beloved Avast when I went to Win 10 due to conflicts.

Currently all I use is Windows Defender and MalwareBytes (Free), there are NO conflicts with those.

Hope this helps!

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: LadyDiFL


We use BitDefender as our security program.  I have no idea how Avast decided to muscle its way into my life, but it's gone now.  Of course, now I have another problem...will they ever end?  Now I'm having problems with the new MC download!  I'm going to crochet for a while and see if everything calms down.


From: MeekMonkey


I use Avast and have not had any issues with it.