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Lost Game with update   Technical Issues

Started 10/16/19 by Merry1043; 2235 views.

From: Merry1043


I just lost my game when it made me do update again.


From: Myelle01


Hi Merry

You didn’t say what platform you are playing on. The only advice I can give you is to contact BFG customer service. Give then your game I’d and platform along with a description of what happened. Answer all emails and eventually you will get a human.

Hopefully, they will be able to restore your game.

Good Luck!


From: borkzorkorc


I've lost my friends list with the update also, despite several restarts. I'd rather not uninstall & reinstall, but it's taken that before.  Agree contacting BFG is the best solution. They can reset & restore based on your User ID.  (Windows right now, but I lost all my progress before during an Android update - BFG restored it.)

Good luck <3 


From: datsalotta


Hey BZO!! I received gifts from you. Did you get mine? 




From: LibLo


I too lost my game with the update.  I was told there was still a current game on, so I couldn't do anything.  Please everyone don't gift me until I get some help.  I've tried to uninstall and found the hidden files, but I was injured and didn't play for 2 years, and other people boxed my things for me, and I never found my IDS & passwords, so I can't ask BFG for any help. Any ideas?  I've gone from 60s to 1 a while ago (and found it fun seeing the castle from the beginning again, but this having an open game still somewhere stumps me. 

I realize FE is on, so don't stop to answer me, just have fun.





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Hi Lois 

How frustrating for you. Have you thought of contacting Elephant Games. I would think all they will need is your game ID number and name. It could be worth giving it a go.  Datsalotta sent me this so sorry it's not linkable but you can copy and paste.

Other players have had success that way.  Good luck.



From: borkzorkorc


Hey old friend, good to seeya!  I haven't been able to load the game... again. Probably it's partly my ancient (in computer years) Win7 system. Also... this update is obv a bit shaky.  I was so bummed I'd FINALLY gotten the Witching Hour achievement (getting all the witches) which comes with one of the coolest avatars.... aaaaand when I logged back on again, I'd lost it. Just randomly. 
Contacting customer support. 
I was def getting gifts from you tho, until my system borked. Don't send any more tho until you get something from me <3

Hope you're well!  It's been crazy here but not bad, just getting back into life I guess. Hugs!

Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)

From: Tammy27 (DoubleMsMom)


Welcome back, noticed my friend number increased this morning!!


From: datsalotta


Hey my good friend BZO !! OK will wait til I receive your gift and thanks for the heads up. Hope Customer Service has a fix for you - Windows 7???? why not upgrade. Bonus if you get your Witch Avatar back. Here's hoping.

We should pm sometimes.


In reply toRe: msg 5

From: Turbogramma


You're definitely showing up as an active friend in my list. Also your fall room is open (I think).