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+Need freinds lost game under alice when updated   Friends

Started Oct-16 by Merry1043; 896 views.

From: Merry1043


Please send me a friend invite Alice10 800826 PC. I am on level13. My private room is open

When I was made to update lost game and started me back to the beginning

So sorry to here you lost your game, have you contacted Elephant Games?  In the meantime I've sent you an invite.  I've had my game open since this morning so you're old game is still showing in mine at this time.

Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


I will send you an invite.  Carly


From: datsalotta


I've invited you.  We need alotta friends during the Events. Fall Event is imminent - FUN. Set up your Spooky Halloween Private Room asap. Don't know what level you were on when you lost your game. If you need suggestions, advice you can pm me. Maybe I can help



From: Susanna502MC


Invites sent from my Navy Blue and Ginger Sue games.

Will send an invite if you still need friends wink

BTW is this for special events only or "all time".  I am ready for both!

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From: LibLo


Hi Friends, I lost my game again, so I need to ask you to please  not send gifts right now.  I'll come back as soon as I can.  Meanwhile, please continue to be the "Bards" of the castle with your very good  ( and enjoyable :)  ) tales. You are doing what the folks of this time did-tell stories by word of mouth-and they are delightful!  Lois

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