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Janet/Isadora/Jdmorgan/Janni and jd   Friends

Started 10/20/19 by kthreads; 2234 views.

From: kthreads


I have been (non-game-playing) for a couple months.
Lots happened...dislocated hip is on the mend - still have PT sessions.
They removed my chemo port after all this time (over 2 1/2 years), but you know me...yup...had some complications.
But, I am okay!

Even though I've silent for a long time...I've thought of you all and missed the game; just didn't have the umph to play.

Thank you so much, all of you who have sent wishes, hung in there when I didn't answer PMs, hung in there and didn't unfriend me...(those who did, I totally understand).

I have opened my new private room in all my games. Not sure how you all feel about that since the old one has 3 HOSs and the new one only has 1...And now I get to re-do some of last year's Halloween event they lost when they lost my Janet PC game (need to re-acquire one last haunted house, but also that stupid pudgy flying cat...which took me forever to get).

New room: I purchased the table with the jack-o-lantern for my Janet (PC) game...and it's invisible. Yup! No table shows up. rage Anyone else have this? I don't remember how much it cost me, and I don't have enough keys to open that area in any other game,  ...if anyone can let me know what that table costs, I'd appreciate it so I can do a CS-ticket and get my table to show up. It's kind of the only spooky thing in that room.

Okay, long winded posts...that hasn't changed...blush

I will catch up with gifting everyone and play as much as I can.

Love you all and thank you all for being my friend, giving me a place to come to, and understanding when I needed space and time to heal.


PC:  Janet  /  Isadora

Android: Jdmorgan / Janni / jd (Kindle game-keeps crashing)

Hi, I’m glad you’re doing better! 

That table is invisible for everyone, I think.

Take care and have fun in the castle now that you’re back. Try not to stress about anything.


From: AceCB



Welcome back.  I missed you.  Thanks for the update.





Welcome back my sweet friend. Kept you on my games, knew you would back. Do what you can, put up what you need on wish list. I don't have many pet food or airship items, but will pay for items don't have and have built up plenty of crafted items for your return.



Layne (elayne2424)

From: Layne (elayne2424)


I was thrilled to see you back - really getting worried!

I don't look quite the same _ somehow I lost everything during the challenge update, but I think I'm still there.

Keep feeling better!



From: katiek2


Hi Janet,

Soooo glad you're back.  I was very happy to see that red icon no longer by Isadora and Janet.  Welcome back, and glad you're feeling better.



From: SharpEye1


Hi Janet!  Welcome have been sorely missed!!  So glad you're doing better!! heart_eyes


From: kthreads


Thank you, Rosalie. That's so sweet. I'm coin poor, so I plan to work the private rooms as much as I am able. Being out of the game for so long wasn't easy. I missed it and missed the camaraderie of all the MC friends. 



From: kthreads


OMG! scream I am still recovering from last spring when they lost all my inventory. I know exactly the "Whaaaaaat??? tired_face" you must have felt when you saw it all gone.  I hope you get it all back.... Please let me know what happens.

I can't do much as far as regular inventory, but I have pet food and airship items. They gave me that back.


Layne (elayne2424)

From: Layne (elayne2424)


Thanks Janet!

I am just toughing it out right now and not even trying to get my old game back. I am going to have to get a new PC soon, since Windows 7 will no longer have support. I have a feeling technological genius that I am (NOT!) that I might be having to start over again at that point anyway!

It's kind of a very slow trip down memory lane, so some parts are rather enjoyable. What I like the least is the very limited domain at Level 14 and the limited icons and pets. It does seem much more challenging in the lower levels though, and I am constantly earning trophies!

I am so glad you are well enough to play again! It's great to see you in the green again!