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Loosing your game, PC friends   Friends

Started Oct-20 by Bingo (manybears); 309 views.
Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


I'm really getting the "Heebie-Jeebies", over how many people are experiencing lost or incomplete games.  So far I've been fortunate enough to keep what I have. (Maybe that's tempting fate).  I feel so sorry for those who have come so far, just to be wholloped with a mess in their "Castle".  Please hang in there!!  I'm not sure how many play with Bingo, but if you're one of my friends,  and have lost touch, please request 156841.  I've lost (again), about 5 to 6 players (why can't they just tell everyone they are leaving?), so I can add some new or lost players to my friends list.  My honest wish is for every one to be able to play and enjoy this game.


Hi Bingo:

You are on my friends list. I sent you a pm.  I have tried to gift you, but you don't have your wish list up.  Is this correct.


Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


Hi Karen,  Yes, I'm in friend's lists, but I don't ask for gifts unless I need something urgently.  Usually, I add a wish for something that's needed for the events.  I don't play all events, but I do keep track of my friends who need gifts and I also open rooms that are needed for events.  Nice to hear from you....Bingo

I just lost 3/4's of my friends on these stupid 0/2 updates that KEEP REPEATING THEMSELVES. 779010

Bingo (manybears)

From: Bingo (manybears)


I've still got you as a friend,under the above number, but if your not finding me I'll send you a request to you.  Just to be sure.