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Started 10/23/19 by MaryCricket (Wisp1463); 1752 views.
MaryCricket (Wisp1463)

From: MaryCricket (Wisp1463)


 This is being shown only in my HOS not in my friends HOS

I need help - please help me, I have reported that in the HOS scene there is a glitch - the butterfly is not being shown in  YOUR FRIEND'S ROOM,  I have gone through all my 100 friends and the butterfly is not being shown  - but it is being shown in my own HOS

Please help me  I need to to confirm this that you are having the same problem - ok this is not really a glitch but a very minor issue, I know many of us go through our friends HOS and not bother looking for things,  all we do is click on the items  we need to find but  it bothered me when I saw a butterfly fly away and and when I went to the next HOS, I did not see the butterfly but when I click on the area where the butterfly is suppose to be - the butterfly appeared a flew away. 

PTG (anotherPTG)

From: PTG (anotherPTG)


The same thing is happening in my game. The butterfly is exclusive to my own HOS


From: mdpetdoc


Are you talking about the butterfly that flies away when you click it or the search item?

MaryCricket (Wisp1463)

From: MaryCricket (Wisp1463)



- I have reported this issue to Elephant games - they need me to ask players is they are having the same issue


From: KatieAn56


I play on iPad and the butterfly is sporadic in mine and my friends' rooms, but I have seen it in both.  I figure it is like the rocket that was in the Anniversary Room, just there but doesn't give anything.  


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MaryCricket (Wisp1463)

From: MaryCricket (Wisp1463)


You have answered my question and thank you for replying


From: Hirento


This got me curious, so I paid particular attention to the butterfly wink

I found that if I click on the butterfly in the HOscene in my room, it flies away and is also gone from all my friends' rooms too.

I tested this by going into my own HO, verifying that the butterfly is there, then backing out again without clicking on anything (just exited the room by the red X)

Then went in to several of my friends' rooms doing the same; verifying that the butterfly is there, then exiting out. Every time, the butterfly was there.

Then I went back to my own room, clicked the butterfly to make it fly away and finished the HO. Going into my friend's room, the butterfly was now GONE from the rooms that I checked!

Then I left the game altogether, re-started it and looked in the next available friend's room; and lo! the butterfly was there!

So this is a very shy butterfly, once you chase it in your own room, it leaves all rooms (probably to sulk stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye ) and won't come back until you leave the game, lol.

MaryCricket (Wisp1463)

From: MaryCricket (Wisp1463)


You are an angel this is a big help for me and I going to check this out tonight

 thank you so much


From: LvlSlgr


Hi MaryCricket,

I play on PC and what Hirento reported is the same thing I have experienced. You can see the butterfly as long as you  haven't already clicked on it in a previous HOS. Once you click on it then you can no longer see it in the following HOS but if you click on that spot it will fly away. If you exit the game and return then you're able to see the butterfly again. Yes, it appears to be a small glitch but nothing that should keep you from playing the HOS in your friends' private rooms.


From: misstracy22



Just to let you know, I have the butterfly in all my friends rooms. Even when I touch her. She just flys away then is back when I next go in any room. 
Sorry you aren’t getting the same. She is a sweet, sparkly little thing. I’m pleased we have her, anywhere.