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TOAD/Otter/MOUSE   Messages from the Heart

Started 11/8/19 by KNIMtheTOAD; 1468 views.



OK, Friends. Frist all is good.

Doc visit on 29th. Asked about tiny pinpoint bloodspots on my arms. Never had before. Reminded them I tend to have anemia. Had 4 injections in neck on 29 and talked about weakness etc.. Agreed it was probably from recent illness and weight loss.  Had eaten already so he set me up for blood draw on 5th. Lab called me on 7th said I would receive calls from doctor. Asked How I felt. Said weak tired dizzy but otherwise ok (very little chronic pain due to new injection YEH!) Lab-White blood cells high 15.9, kidney function low 49. told me to go to ER. GPS routed us to South side Hospital because West side blocked by construction. Guard at door of ER put us through security check like airport. Never done this at hospital before. Very efficient staff and medical providers. Put in IV Saline solution. Soon as Doc saw my history of cancer ordered chest x ray's and cat scan W contrast. drew more blood for labs. they pushed me around fast. Got back to room. Bobbie was with me whole time. Such a jewel. I started itch, Needed to go to loo for urine sample. Noticed hives starting on legs. RN was nervous about hives. Gave me injection of Benadryl and something else. Never had a reaction from CT or contrast before.  Doctor came in said chest x rays GOOD /CLEAR.  Cat scans GOOD, NO sign of any growth from abdomen to brain. NO cancer protein in blood. White cell count and Liver function same. As soon as hives went done was released w/2 RX. To follow up with Primary care physician. So have to build up blood and more antibiotic's.  Such a relief on tests. The security a ER was because bad part of town with lots of shootings. Will not go there again. Home with golf ball size burse  that's spreading from IV port so 6in by 3in bruise on forearm. Was in and out hospital less than 4hrs. with all the test that's amazing.

Still feel the same but happy and relieved. Any Cancer patient can tell how stressed when taking tests and  light hearted you feel with clear tests.  

I am gifting on MC about once a day. impatient with game. I paid for gems to be able to get through. Used amulet for speeding up ghost. Almost all ghosts were not what I needed. One hour through all 92levels received 2 owls 2bats 1 lamp all but one were duplicates'. Still please wait with gifting and changing wish list. Will play old games more relaxing.

Just happened to have under ware same color as my nail polish. Told Bobbie I was going to tell everyone at hospital loudly and often. She said don't be silly.  First thing nurse said my nail polish was pretty. Looked at Bobbie she shook her head no so told nurse  my under ware matched. Paybacks are fun. We were so hungry stopped at taco bell and noshed down food in parking lot.  Library stop for audio books. Picked the 4 biggest books. One I am listening to has 38 CD's. Run through CVS, home to rest with my cats. All in all day with ups and downs . Ended well. Did I say how wonderful my daughter is.  I am ok. Pray for doctors and RN's and staff, my daughter, and all of you who have to read this post.  Love my MC and friends. TOAD/Otter/MOUSE


From: katiek2


You're not on my friends list, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your posts.  Your positive attitude is such an inspiration, and I'm so happy your tests all came out good.  What a scare!  I'm sure you didn't need that.

You have a wonderful daughter, but guess what - I'll bet she takes after her mom.



From: EllyV


I am glad everthing is ok.

enjoy your daughter (and your cats)wink.



From: SharpEye1


Ah, Rosalie, my dear friend!  I just love how you bounce back from everything you go through on a daily basis!!  You are truly an inspiration to all of us.  Hang in there, my friend, and give Bobbie and the cats a hug from me!  I continue to keep you all in my prayers.  Love, Ada heart_eyes


From: Randytb


Such good news my lill Toad but remember do not get to frisky I still have that bubble wrap handy.

Luv Ya



From: GunnerGypsy


I am so relieved to hear of your good test results.  Please take it easy and gift when you can.

Love, Gunner




Thank you All.

Gunner, thank you for all the gifts.

Would friends of TOAD/Otter/MOUSE  put something besides airship or food items on your wish list Please. I want to repay you and have extra eggs,  some crafted items, and more regular Items but am very short on airship and pet foods. Have lots of last years winter event items and this years also. Health issues keep me from playing as much  as I want but gifting to all my friends keep me Happy.



From: GunnerGypsy


So happy to see you playing.  Yes, I got stuck on air ship items; thanks for the reminder.  Hope 2020 is full of wonderful things.  You have been a good friend, thank you.  Gunner/Gypsy