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Special Days - Auntie Roo’s B-day 5/5   Archives

Started 5/1/18 by Kimberly (Kmorgan63); 6433 views.

Good morning to all,

I started this thread in the previous forum.  If anyone wants to be added or ensure I have the dates correct (I had to recreate my list so I apologize for the delay) please let me know.  Happy Belated Birthday/Anniversary to all I missed.


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The following are celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries in the Month of May:

Birthdays tadadizzy

AuntieRoo - Month of May (Quote: I'm a Taurus who's "young at heart")

Leslie/Killian18 - May 20th

Anniversaries tadadizzy

DofNY/Unfrio - May 2015

Drkgordon - May 2015


From: TinyFaerie


Oh oh remind  me of Auntie Roo Roo. I never remember birthdays.

Remembered my daughter April 13 but not son which is April 19.

I suck.   

Will you be my calendar girl LOL

Be happy to. 

Auntie Roo Roo only gave me May, hoping she will reply and let me know exact date - hint hint....

You're all on my list.  But now I have to wait a whole year to remind ya :)  I LOVE keeping up with special dates!


From: TinyFaerie


Well you already know mine is rolling around the corner in July.

Remind me when it is my birthday Calendar Girl

Oh, I will remind ya - bells, whistles, confetti :)  Audrey's b-day is May 4th....


From: TinyFaerie


Oh your are absolutely right. I should get some champagne and celebrate.

See I need to make you my personal assistant to remind to remember everything.

I would be willing to match The Hostess with the Modest pay scale.

Bird Seed.

Just sayin......

Be happy to.  Been a personal assistant for, hmmm 20+ years.  Lots of experience.

How about food for hummingbirds, you could make your own.  Bird seed could work too


From: TinyFaerie


Right on some point. See Staff.

I love hummingbirds. 

See my post in furry about the squirrel this morning.

Poor puddin

Heck my son resales to Amazon. There is probably some already in the workroom

Called Amazon Fulfillment. Shop cheap like dollar stores send to Amazon goes into stock.  It crazy how much up sale he gets.

Grossed 180k last year. But has high overhead  but just because he is lazy.

If I do that I will never get anything done and I have to log off soon.  I love furry friends.  Part of my class is Vet Techs and they get to bring in all their pets - cats, dogs (e.g. great danes) and I love it which is why if I go through that folder I will be late to school :)