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Missing achievements   Technical Issues

Started 11/8/19 by jack7242; 798 views.

From: jack7242


Has anyone reported to the devs that the achievements for collecting the green and blue ghosts are missing?  I only noticed when I got my last blue ghost and horror no cup! The first 2 obviously passed me by. This was on my new android tablet, so checked PC game, they are missing from there too. Could this be raised urgently, if it has not already been done, to ensure that they are installed before the event ends. If this has been raised, sorry, I did a search, but did not find anything similar.


From: AEGram


There never was an achievement specific to the collection of the Red, Green, Blue ghosts.

Those were the ghosts that were introduced when the first Fall event arrived. That year, we had the following 2 achievements:

Ghost Hunter
1. Catch any 10 ghosts – 3 diamonds
2. Catch any 100 ghosts – 10 diamonds
3. Catch any 500 ghosts – Ghost Hunter (avatar)

Spirit Seeker
1. Catch 3 unique ghosts – 3 diamonds
2. Catch 9 unique ghosts – 10 diamonds
3. Catch 27 unique ghosts – Ghost Bride (avatar)

The following year, we received the yellow, azure, and violet ghosts....there was one achievement for collection each color of ghost: Yellow Ghost Tamer, Azure Ghost King, and Violet Ghost Queen

The third year was the collection of Black Cats, Haunted Houses, Witches with one achievement for collection of each color of ghost: Very Superstitious, Haunted Halls, and Witching Hour.

This year (our fourth year) is the collection of Autumn Owls, Night Bats and Bright Companions...we have three achievements for those ghosts: Give a Hoot, Sonar Seeker, and Light up the Night.

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