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Missing achievements   Gifts, Wishes and Random Pleas for Help

Started 11/9/19 by jack7242; 844 views.

From: jack7242


Posted this on technical, but maybe it needs a wider audience.

Has anyone reported to the devs that the achievements for collecting the green and blue ghosts are missing?  I only noticed when I got my last blue ghost and horror no cup! The first 2 obviously passed me by. This was on my new android tablet, so checked PC game, they are missing from there too. Could this be raised urgently, if it has not already been done, to ensure that they are installed before the event ends. If this has been raised, sorry, I did a search, but did not find anything similar.

Hi jack 7242,

The green, blue and red ghosts are combined into one achievement - Spirit Seeker (27) ghosts.  The 9 yellow ghosts are for the Yellow Ghost Tamer avatar.  

Hope this helps you. 


From: jack7242


Awwwww! I feel like I've been short changed! All that ghost hunting and only one prize. No fair!!!!

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


Yup, as I recall there were no individual Achievements for the Ghosts collected (Red, Blue & Green) from the FIRST Fall Event.  

They added Achievements for individual Ghosts, I think it was Yellow, Azure and Violet for the 2nd Fall Event, as I recall.  The individual Ghosts Achievements have continued since.

Anyway, don't feel shortchanged, we ALL experienced the same thing, except we didn't know they would add the individual Ghost Achievements.  Many of us 'wasted' a TON of Ghost Traps trying for the 500 needed for the Ghost Hunter Achievement (Jules Vern-ish Guy) Avatar. 

So, actually, coming late to the party, like you did, you are in a better position than we early players were. Especially if you are doing the CC and the Red, Blue and Green Ghosts are on the CC lists to Collect.  

This also applies to the strategy for doing the Christmas Event, as far as doing the CC and using up your Wands to collect old and new Xmas Floaters to match up with the CC.  

And the Spring Event.  Basically ALL the Events. :)

Feel better now LOL?

XXOO ~ Dhyaniboom


From: jack7242


Nope! I need the encouragement of prizes. But you have made me feel better that I can still get more later. Hopefully!!!


From: AEGram


See full answer in your other thread located here:

But, the Red, Blue, Green ghosts were of the first year's collection. We had 2 achievements associated with the collection of ghosts for that year: 

Ghost Hunter
1. Catch any 10 ghosts – 3 diamonds
2. Catch any 100 ghosts – 10 diamonds
3. Catch any 500 ghosts – Ghost Hunter (avatar)

Spirit Seeker
1. Catch 3 unique ghosts – 3 diamonds
2. Catch 9 unique ghosts – 10 diamonds
3. Catch 27 unique ghosts – Ghost Bride (avatar)