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LET IT SNOW   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 11/12/19 by KNIMtheTOAD; 1143 views.



Weather report said temp falling, windy, rain and possible snow flurries. What we got  swirling heavy winds, rain, sleet, freezing roads, and 3+ inches of snow. Today high 25 low 9 so with wind chill way COLD. it's18 now feels like 3.

Bobbie had doc appointment yesterday, was raining when she went to store after, came out parking lot was frozen, Snow falling in circles  looked like mini tornadoes. Half hour drive there  almost 2hr drive home. Stop n go and 20/25 MPR. She was talking fast with adrenalin. We both went to bed early.

So she got groceries with lots of snacks and ran by library. We are good. Sunny today snow beautiful. Can say that because I don't have to go out and drive.

When the temp dropped on Saturday Trees were full of leaves overnight all leaves on ground. Had to take a second look in AM.

Winter is here. TOAD/Otter/MOUSE


From: misstracy22



Keep warm and safe.


My last winter in Boulder, it snowed several inches - I think 6 - on September 21st! ALL the trees were in full leaf & there were broken limbs everywhere. The streets all over town were nearly impassable. 

Stay warm & enjoy your books!

Kattlyn Raven (cindykat325)

UGH, don't encourage it! I moved in with my parents to help them... I have to learn to use a Snowblower!!! my back will never be the same, sigh

not looking forward to snow in NH/USA

Wow, you always find the greatest pics! Where is this? Definitely not the US, they are driving on the left.

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Nice flashback my sister sent me today. Enjoy!

Back when snow was fun and pretty and we had no worries