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catching ghosts   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started 11/12/19 by Jenny MC (cbtx) (cbtx1); 306 views.

Just my opinion. of course, but there are 3 big problems with doing this:

1) There are just too many different ghosts. The developers are stuck in the "same old, same old" trap that plagues so many games ---- the idea of "well, it worked before, so we will just repeat it" That was ok for a while, but now you just have to wait too long for any particular ghost to show up. And that makes the seasonal DQs and CC tasks too lengthy and tedious. Of course, an amulet could be used but that is a questionable move (see #3)

2) Too many of the ghosts are much too similar in appearance, and the inability to see what you are clicking on is wasteful when ghost traps are already too difficult to get. And that, just in my opinion, is careless on the part of EG.

3) A problem still exists with the "changes are afoot" download for some players that would make using an amulet sort of a risky proposition ---- if the game gets interrupted while an amulet is being used then that amulet (and the effort to get the amulet) is down the tubes. And, of course, EG remains silent as to whether or not this problem is resolved ---- they could always let us know something via the in-game mail system like they were so quick to do when they were having a diamond sale.