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CC vs Achievements Quandary   Achievements and Musings

Started 11/16/19 by alliebdive; 3741 views.

From: alliebdive


Facing a bit of a quandary as the end of this cc approaches.  Outside of the seasonal events I am slowly but surely working on the DQ achievements and my progress here always comes up against the challenge of holding enough airship items.  Some of the 10 part daily challenges have 2 airship challenges necessary for completion and annoyingly they tend to ask for 120 items when any airships I get are always 300+.....  So.… to complete the castle challenge and get the avatar (which I don't like very much at all and would never use (dont like any of the other alternates either)) I have to send 3 packed airships which will decimate my stock.  I have enough to do it having done all the HOS for the event etc but instead of having a nice stock to go back to the dq quests with …. I will be back to square one.  Albeit with an avatar.  I am thinking that I might get to the end of the cc and have a moral achievement of finishing it, but actually not do the last challenge and retain my stock.  Anyone else feeling the same way???


From: misstracy22



oh dear, that doesn’t sound good. Either way you don’t seem to have a truly satisfactory outcome. I know how you feel about not finishing  the CC. Only I think you would be better not, in so keeping your supplies. Then working on building those back up. For the next challenge, or requirement. Make use of your wish list and friends to, I’m sure they will be only to willing to help.
Only my humble suggestion. Other than that see you in the castle.

Take care, Tracy

That’s why I bailed out of the CC after day 20. Not just 3, but 5 fully packed airships in the last 10 days, plus all those ghosts I don’t need, for an atrocious avatar I don’t want. Uh, uh. Not this time. I think you’re wise to abstain. 

Cookie (GulfGuppy)

From: Cookie (GulfGuppy)


I had the same debate with myself. Only 10 more 10-part DQs to achieve and this would definitely deplete my inventory. But I haven't missed a CC so onward I will go.

I have to say that this 3rd avatar is awful looking. Having come out before Halloween it first reminded me of the bride of Chuckie in a raincoat...which then reminded me of the movie Alice, Sweet Alice fearful

I only play the DQs when their easy ones to fill.  I figure once the game is over, and assuming we're still able to play, I'll get around to the achievements for the DQs and Trina.  But having said that, here's my opinion.  If you've played all the Challenges to date and have all the avatars, I think you should complete this one.  You can always play the rounds to get more airship items and, as Tracy said, rely on friends.  If you've already missed some of the Challenges and don't have all the avatars to date, then I wouldn't worry about completing this one.

She reminded me of a female Georgie in Stephen King’s book, It.

That is why I went back and am finally getting my Christmas angel!


From: AEGram


Just my 2¢ worth -- To date, I have completed all of the CCs. As a result, I have unlocked every avatar that is currently available for unlocking. For me, to have one sitting there locked would be an annoyance. Soooooo, while I don't care for any of the avatars in this CC, I completed it. 

Regarding the airship sendings....I waited until Trina was asking for her airship to be sent that gives 300 wheels....sent off any that gave less than 300 and any that gave more than 350 (to save on packed items). That way, I was fulfilling 2 requirements with the sending of the airship (which made it far less painful).

Regarding the lack of airship items....Initially, I was concerned about running out of them as I pursued the DQs. I used the events to help build up stock by visiting as many of my friends' rooms as possible. Once you finish the DQs, there will be Trina's quests asking for more airships to be sent. I have concluded that it isn't the lack of airship items that will cause me difficulty achieving the Key Master and Ace Assistant.....but it will be the lack of postcards. 

For the airship items, you can always set aside time to just do HOSs to build can earn more by spending more time playing the rooms. However, there isn't a blasted thing you can do to get more of the postcards.....each of us is relegated to 15 maximum every day.....period. 

But regarding whether to complete a CC or not......if you have done all prior to the current one, then you'd probably feel badly by missing the completion of it. However, if you have already missed some....this CC was heavy on ghost traps and airship sending. Those can be precious items better used in other ways.

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From: alliebdive


I'm sure you are right but because I started even looking at Trina very very late in the game, I am a long way off getting her two achievements ie 650 keys held, 5000 needed.  I started the DQs from early on of course and so - whilst still, a ways off, they are within sight, particularly the 3 and 5 task ones.  I have always gifted  to the max so combined with not dealing with Trina for ages, I have a good stock of postcards, about 6000 and she doesn't always ask for them, maybe once in 5????  Whereas the DQs nearly always ask for at least 1 loaded airship, sometimes 2.  I can maybe do 40 HOS on an average day. Just not enough time to do more.  So, my strategy is to concentrate on the DQs for now, tying in Trina when I can and doing this, it is ALWAYS the airship items that hold me back.  Doing the event HOSs I am currently holding between 200 and 250 per item and I just couldn't bear to give them to the cc for the avatar.  I have most of them,  I've only missed one before I think, but it wasn't spoiling my perfect score not to get this one.  I can see that would have been annoying.  

TJ (StarBlazes)

From: TJ (StarBlazes)


That’s exactly what I thought especially w/ the new Stephen King IT 2 remake in theaters currently for Halloween I’m sure that’s where the devs got that idea! 


From: LdyMadison


Lots of good advice here from experienced players.  Here's my method, for what it's worth.

I pretty much abstained from DQ's for a long long long time.  I'd do one every few months or so.  At lower levels I was more interested in coins & diamonds than anything else (I started playing before the puzzles were introduced).  Anyway, by rarely playing the DQ's I let the stamps build & build & build.  Occasionally I'd go in & sell off some for coin or shards to keep them in balance, but otherwise I didn't use them.  

At the same time, I really didn't do many Trina quests either.  Did those I had to do, and some that didn't require airships.  I did those required for challenges or needed keys of course.

At about level 80-ish I started doing DQ's again.  Didn't do 'em everyday, but maybe 1 every week or two, or occasionally a couple a week.

Bottom line:  I'm sitting on many thousands of stamps!  I'm not worried about using them, giving them away (even brown ones), or running out.  I'm slowly progressing toward the current end of the game, but not in any hurry.  Lately I'm working on winning items at the dice table.

Not sure my approach is good for everyone, but I guarantee if you just play your game & ignore the DQ's & Trina your stamps will increase on their own.  The DQ's will always be there to do later.  You'll also have plenty of amulets to help you get through them quickly.  Why be in such a hurry?  You'll burn out on the game, or be like so many... just waiting for the next installment.

Good luck to you, whichever method you choose.

Lady Madison