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CC vs Achievements Quandary   Achievements and Musings

Started 11/16/19 by alliebdive; 2579 views.

From: AEGram


LdyMadison said:

Bottom line:  I'm sitting on many thousands of stamps!  I'm not worried about using them, giving them away (even brown ones), or running out.  I'm slowly progressing toward the current end of the game, but not in any hurry.  Lately I'm working on winning items at the dice table. Not sure my approach is good for everyone, but I guarantee if you just play your game & ignore the DQ's & Trina your stamps will increase on their own.  

Trina will not request stamps from you (Postcards are another story, though!)......Some of the DQs will ask you to craft X amount of items, but if you craft Simple Pet Food, there's no stamps requested for that portion of the DQ either. So, my personal opinion is that avoiding/ignoring DQs and Trina will not significantly impact your stamp inventory. 

Also, Stamps cannot be disenchanted for shards .... you can only sell them.

It is from HOSs that you get the abundance of stamps....for those who are playing the event rooms over and over and over and over.....they are amassing a great many coins, BUT they are also getting tons of stamps, pet food and airship items.


From: LdyMadison


Oops,  I said stamps when I meant "airship items".  Oh well...  you are absolutely correct in your assessment though.  Thanks for replying.


From: AEGram


alliebdive said:

I have a good stock of postcards, about 6000 and she doesn't always ask for them, maybe once in 5????

Regarding the postcards.....I started documenting for what she asked on my 99th Trina Quest, so I don't have complete records. AND, on my 99th quest from her, she was still asking for only 6 postcards per time. In fact, she did not ask for 20 postcards until my 504th quest from her. (It gradually increased from 6 to 7 to 14 to 16 and finally to 20.)

I recently completed my 1700th Trina quest......That means I have records of how many postcards have been requested for 1601 quests......that total is 10,715.

I have 1300 more quests to reach the 3000 needed for Ace Assistant.....she requests postcards in my game 38% of the time (although from quest #1500 to 1700, it was 43% of the time)......So...... 1300 quests.....38% of the time asking for postcards = 494 quests .... 20 postcards each request = 9880 MORE postcards I can expect to give her to meet the Ace Assistant achievement.

2000 more quests to get from Ace Assistant to Key Master ..... 2000 x 38% = 760 quests..... 20 postcards each request = 15,200 ADDITIONAL postcards to meet the Key Master achievement.

That's an expected 10,715 + 9880 + 15,200 postcards needed for both achievements (bearing in mind there are no numbers for the first 99 of her quests) for a total of 35,795 postcards needed by time I complete the 2 achievements.........I hate to burst your bubble, but 6000 is a drop in the bucket by comparison......a good start.....but a mere drop in the bucket.

Also..... I have 3300 quests remaining. ...... 9880 + 15,200 expected postcards more to be required = 25,080 postcards. ....... I can only get 15 maximum a day...... that's a total of 1672 days before I can possibly earn the number of postcards expected to be requested/required..... 1672 divided by 365 days in a year (and that's if I manage to actually be able to gift 15 people every single of those days) = 4.58 YEARS FROM TODAY before I will complete both Ace Assistant and Key Master achievements ..... That's 4 years and 7 months from today or approximately the first of July 2024.

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From: alliebdive


ROFL!  Ah well.....  My primary targets at the moment are the DQ achievements, fitting in Trina when she matches those.  It would seem the Trina quests are even further away than I ever imagined and unless something changes in the game (and who knows!!) I might never reach them - the game could end before that.  Thanks for the stats!!

I just love reading all those statistics....especially since I'll never in a million years finish those achievements.  Let me just say that I pity Elephant Games if they should change the achievement requirements for the DQs and Trina because there will be a boatload of hurting heaped on them from players who have devoted so much time and effort to completing all the achievements.  LOL


From: AEGram


Welll.....they DID lower the final requirement for Friend Indeed from 500 to 60! ......and that one was a far easier one to complete than the DQs and Trina's quests.


From: butch53


I try to double up on the number of "hits" I can accomplish at one time.  If the CC is running, AND the DQ asked for airships items, I will only do those IF Trina also needs 300 airships wheels.  I always pass on DQ if they need airships and Trins does not.  probably has extended my getting the achievements, but, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

On another note.  I have maxed out at 100 level, but I have several friends that are at 101, or even 102 level.  Since I am stuck at 100 until the next update, I am wondering how that was accomplished?

There was an update on Sept 17, check your Game Manager if on PC.


From: butch53


I had to hard recycle the ipad, to locate that there was an upgrade to the game.  It has now been downloaded.  Time to get the flute working!

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From: butch53


Now the game will not start.  I get the big fish screen, the the elephant games, then a black screen, and nothing more.