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Where are we all from?   Fletcher's Tea Room and Bar

Started 5/1/18 by Kimberly (Kmorgan63); 44124 views.

Originally from St. Louis, lived in North Carolina (which I miss but I don't miss the humidity), now residing in Nevada.



From: TinyFaerie


In Hell aka Texas. Not a fan of Texas.

Rather be back in Roanoke, VA where I lived for a short time. Nirvana (sp) I be tired.

Miss those Blue Ridge Mountains. Lived at the bottom of one.

Kinda a gypsy up and down the East coast here and there mostly NE

Was in NYC for quite a while. Rat race. Everyone is always in a rush.

Ok, so I kinda lived there too.   Basic training - San Antonio and then Wichita Falls for tech school.  Other than that I don't know much about TX.

I thought about moving to VA and then settled in NC, which I miss.

Oops I missed the rest of your message.  Blue Ridge Mountains, LOVE. 

Been to the airport in NY, that's it.  Never got to the Empire State building or twin towers. 

My 1st assignment in the military was Spain, Barcelona was my favorite city.  Then Tampa, it was OK.


From: PennyA2


??Exeter, Ont. Canada.  About two hours from Toronto but was born in Kimberley B.C.  Moved here when I got married and that was 45 years ago.  The rest of my family are still in B.C.  I'll never get over leaving my Rocky Mountains but what can you do. The heart wants what the heart wants. heart_eyes

I understand :) 

If I remember correctly, there are a lot of forum players from Canada.  Been to Toronto, not sure where Kimberley, BC is, will have to look that one up.


From: DofNY


Upstate NY.  Thank God I'm not in the City or LI.  No offense to anyone who is.

Lived in Denver for 9 years. HATED it.  Was homesick the whole time.


From: TinyFaerie


LOL I tend to go back and edit instead of a new post. You probably didnt miss that.

NC is just as beautiful.  The scenic between TN and NC in the Smokies is a gorgeous drive.  I love mountains.

But green ones so prefer eastern mountains. Rockies are just to bland for me.

Gypsy in me so was in Titusville, FL for awhile. The city that goes to Cape Canaveral. For those that dont know.

Walked outside had front row seats. Felt the rumble from where I lived.

Been through Tampa too.

My ex did basic at Lackland in San Antonio too. So there while he was.

LOL surprised we havent met at some point.

We seem to go to the same places.

Do I know you. HAH

WeeSam (WeesamNZ)

From: WeeSam (WeesamNZ)


Born in Wellington, New Zealand. Currently residing in Christchurch, NZ.

I have lived all over NZ, from Whangarei in the north to Invercargill in the far south.

Worldwide I have lived in Tacoma, WA; Nairobi, Kenya; London, England; Glasglow, Scotland; Liepzig, Germany; and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Now settled back in the land of the kiwis for good I think.


From: TinyFaerie


Im jealous.

Why didnt you pick me up before you went to all those places.

In reply toRe: msg 9

Worcester - England, not MA!  And not pronounced Waaaarchester. 

It's apparently one of the most difficult English words to read and pronounce, so purse those lips and say:


Ok so not W as in the letter, W = Were - Were-stuh