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What to do with seasonal items?   Archives

Started 11/17/19 by JaneBond1; 1124 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: JaneBond1


Hi All,

    This is my first seasonal event and I am enjoying it very much. My question is what do I do with all the seasonal items I have? How much of each candy should I keep? Should I trade them all to the kids for ghost traps?  Do the traps carry over to next year? Anything over what I might need in the future I am willing to give to the consortium. (BTW I have 583 raven eggs to share. He is by far my favorite pet to have for all gifts he gives for so little food.) 





From: chilpep


Hi Jane

Regarding the ghost traps.  Definitely keep them and get a nice stash built up.  They do carry over.  I feel you can never have enough of them (especially if you do the fall event cc).  Just my 2 cents worth.


From: KatieAn56


The Consortium also collects any "extra" seasonal items you have in order to help people who may have missed the event, just started playing and couldn't get the items or for other reasons could not get the items.  You may have friends who will put them on their wishlist also. (I have friends who are now puttng Spring Event items on their wishlist and I'm glad I have some to send to them) You can also sell the items for coins or disenchant them, or save them for next year.  

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Myelle (Myelle01)

From: Myelle (Myelle01)


Each of us has our own idea of what and how much to keep. I have seen it suggested that with the exception of the ghost catching items, you only keep 50 to 100 of the items to share or use and sell the rest for coins or shards. However, I suggest that you use your best judgement in this. Keep what you want, keeping in mind that you may need some of each item next year.

This reminds me, I need to do some of this kind of housekeeping in my 3 main games.

All of the previous years Event items have been needed again in subsequent years, & often in great numbers, & the pet parts particularly are harder to get in the following years, so I would recommend keeping a generous supply of all Event items. Personally, as a member of the Consortium, I aim for 300 of each candy so I’m immediately ready for every candy DQ I can get (for the past years pet parts), as many Traps as I can get (because you always need so many & the more you have, the more they drop), & 200 of each Event pet part. That way, I’m able to help new players get the event pets they missed out on all through the coming year.

The event items don’t cost you anything to have them collecting dust in your inventory (& you don’t even have to dust them!) & you’ll be so glad to have them next year.  

TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Good suggestion on keeping all event items.

I remember last year needing to do the DQ to get the items needed for the new pets! You never know what this game will throw at you!


From: AlysBlue


I can see saving the candy and traps but will they reuse the eggs for a different pet? Or should we pass those on to the Consortium once we have the pet? How about the pet parts, do those get used for new pets each year? (and how do you get 300 candy?!)


From: SharpEye1


The eggs and pet parts have not ever been reused for new event pets so those could go to the Consortium or any new players you may have that don't have them yet.  Not sure about your question regarding 300 candy.  Is that an achievement you're referring to?   It's been so long ago for me that I just don't remember. LOL Ada heart_eyes

Catheryne (Catheryne3)

From: Catheryne (Catheryne3)


Hi Alys, I am part of the consortium and I have never gotten to 300 candy!  I like to have about 50 of each left over (if I can) at the end of the event but I give the rest away. You can always earn more at the next event.  

If you want to donate to the consortium, it would be much appreciated! Let us know and we will get you set up.


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