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Help Please   Technical Issues

Started 11/30/19 by diamondgrlva; 846 views.

From: diamondgrlva


My IOS game won't load after I purchases coins last night.   I cannot find my IOS payer id but I know I listed it here some where.  I play on both PC and my ipad.  I found the thread with the ids and can not locate my id anywhere on it.  I know I posted it here at one time can anyone help me locate it or if one of my friends is here can they tell me what it is so I can contact Big Fish to try and get it restored.


Diamondgirlva (Dee)

Dhyani (Dhyaniland)

From: Dhyani (Dhyaniland)


It would be helpful if you clearly posted your iOS Castle Name.  I believe you can view this Forum in Classic Mode and Edit the Title of this Discussion to include your iOS Castle Name.

I searched the iOS Master List for your iOS Castle Name under your Forum Name: diamondgrlva . . . but didn't find it.  Nor did I find you in the PC Master List.

If you've ever contacted BF CS, you had to enter your Game ID . . . so if you haven't deleted their Replies via email, then you can find it.

XXOO ~ Dhyani boom


From: diamondgrlva


Oh my castle name is diamondgirlva.  And I finally located it on the closed Big Fish Forums and have contacted them...I have had this same id since 2013 or I don't want to start over.  FIngers crossed.


From: datsalotta


Good for you diamondgirl finding your info in the original forum. Once in a while I go there to look for things. I feel pretty certain that BFG can bring back your game because they have successfully helped me many times. So best of luck with that. Let me know how it goes