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What's Going on?   Technical Issues

Started 12/3/19 by RavenofGA; 1180 views.

From: RavenofGA


I just tried to sign in to MC.  It showed that 0.00, etc for all the numbers on the Anabel screen and all the "checking the cloud", "finding the characters" stuff.  Anyone have any idea about what's going on?


From: SharpEye1


That happens to me sometimes.  First, I check the task Manager to see if BFG is still running and, if so, I end that task.  Then, I completely shut down and then try again and it usually works.  I may have to rinse and repeat a couple of times to get it to "take".  Hope this helps! Ada heart_eyes


From: Hirento


Hello Raven,

this has also happened to me, and I found that it is usually because the game on my computer cannot connect with the game server.

Either because something is going on with the server; an update or just a slow-down.

More usually it is because something is (temporarily) happening on my computer, such as a virus scan, updates on other programs that takes precedence on the internet or some such thing.

It usually resolves itself very quickly, for me at least relaxed


From: RavenofGA


It was fine when I signed on this morning,  I noticed that I was also having difficulties with some other web pages as well, so it must have been my computer.  I guess shutting it down like I do every night took care of whatever was wrong.

Thanks to you for replying.  It's nice to know others have had the same issue.


From: USNRetired94


Not sure this is right place. My kindle started kicking me out of the game after I visited to Halloween Rooms. This started the third week,but as I had my pets I just ended up doing the castle rounds. Now with the Christmas Event starting soon I need to be back in my rooms. Any suggestions?


From: P1tbull


This is the first time I have logged into my game today but I see there is an update to fix bugs/issues. Maybe this update will fix your problem?

Good luck relaxed