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Winter Pet Egg collecting   Archives

Started 12/4/19 by oiuoiu321; 1256 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: oiuoiu321


Dear Consortium, and anyone who wants to help.  Last year I collected a zillion Winter Pet Eggs (well, over 200) and really enjoyed it.  So, I didn't craft any of the pets and want to collect again this year.

I know already that the limiting factor will be Holiday Wands.  So if anyone can gift them, or the items I can use to trade for them, I'd appreciate it, and will put them to good use. (Sorry, but I can't remember the full list of things I can trade for holiday wands.  I *think* I have the right ones in my wishlist)

Thanks in advance!


From: misstracy22


Hi again, 

You have been busy. Thank you so much for thinking of others and collecting eggs. We will at some point be starting the Team Egg Roll again. Hold tight, and watch this space.

Thank you again for being so generous.

Take care, Tracyhatching_chick


From: CindyK65


I’m also collecting wands for my WitchyWoman game (IOS). That’s a great idea to add the children’s items. I don’t know how many eggs I collected, but it was a quite a few, even with a late start. It was most fun I’ve had in any of the events. CindyK


From: misstracy22


Hi Cindy,

I’m sure Debbie and the consortium will consider any ideas. So please do continue making suggestion. I wasn’t involved or even knew about this until recently. I’m so looking forward to this. It adds a new dimension to helping others.

Thank,  Tracyblowfish


From: oiuoiu321



Sorry for jumping the gun, I mostly wanted to explain why I only have Winter Event items on my wishlist.


From: misstracy22


Oh, no problem. Only wanted to let everyone know. Please do collect eggs. It is very generous of you, to think and help others. Part of the fun of the castle. Thank you.

Take care, Tracy hatched_chick


From: TinaBean24


For a newbie player, would you take the time to explain all of this?  Collecting eggs, not crafting pets, etc., etc?  I started playing during the Halloween event but other than catching ghosts, collecting pumpkins (and subsequently spending them) and visiting friends' HOSs, I did not really understand what I was doing.  

Hi TinaBean,

If you could have a read through the thread ALL PLAYERS, ALL PLATFORMS, PLEASE READ, located in the Welcome Folder, there are some explanations there.

If you would like me to explain any particular part in more detail, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Kind regards