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Still not able to Play on iPad   Technical Issues

Started 12/10/19 by !RAGGIE-TX/OR (MaggieHand); 12710 views.

From: Boo9339


I can't speak for anyone else but I have contacted Elephant directly three or four times over the last four months.   With no success.


Well, my game is back with the new update. Only problem, I have no avatars, no inventory at all, no pets, etc. I do, however, have the diamonds I purchased which put in this spot to begin with. I do not have the gold coins I had or the diamonds I had before I crashed. I did also keep my friends, but I can't gift them because I have no inventory. Sorry friends.


From: Boo9339


Hi MaggieHand,

That is such good news.  I'll wait until next week to ask them about mine.  I'm happy for you and I'm sure if you contact them about your inventory they can restore it.  I'm hoping that they will also help us with the pets and avatars we missed out on.  


Maggie, sending you a PM in a couple of minutes.


From: CindyK65


So glad to have you back. I missed you and wondered where you were. I must have missed your posts. I would love to send you gifts and don’t anything in return. I have a couple of mechanical hearts you can sell. Probably some other items, also.

I hope BF will make this right and get a kit back for you. Please let me know what you need.



From: Boo9339


Hi Cindy,

And thank you so much for the offer.  I was so excited to hear that some of the games came back with the last update.  Mine didn't but that's because when then first started the error message it gave me was I didn't have enough memory so I went out and bought a new ipad with tons of memory.  

But I'm going to contact Big Fish customer support again today and see if they can finally retrieve my game.  And I hope they will give us the opportunity to get the avatars, pets and puzzles we missed.  

I'm so excited.  I may get to play the spring event!


TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)

From: TLB2 (nvrsdiwsgd)


Glad you (kinda) got your game back! Hopefully BF can restore your lost items. That sucks big time! If I can help with anything (pets, etc) I have spare eggs and lots of inventory. Fill up your wish list! No need to send anything back.

Good Luck Boo 9339!

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


I am so glad you finally got your game back!! 
You were removed from my friends list when you lost your game. I have sent you another invitation!! 
The Consortium, we can help you rebuild your inventory!! I have sent you a PM!! 

I am so happy you are finally back!! And before the SE!! 
Please no worries about gifting!! Just enjoy having your game once again, and allow your friends to help you rebuild your inventory. We are all here to help and support you in any way we possibly can!!

Hugs~ Debbie  XOXO 


From: misstracy22


Welcome back. Already sent a gift. As I noticed you had turn green again.

Enjoy the castle, see you there.

Tracy wink

Kate (KatieAn56)

From: Kate (KatieAn56)


Hi glad you got your game back.  I kept you as a friend and will be happy to help you build your inventory.  Welcome back to the castle! I missed you.