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absence from game   Friends

Started Dec-11 by oiuoiu321; 1365 views.

From: oiuoiu321


To all my friends,

I am going away for a week or so (depends on the weather when I'm travelling).  I will be visiting my sister, who will be taking her temporary vows (she's a nun). 

I will be offline, so I won't be gifting, and may turn red (no idea how long that takes).  I'm leaving my wishlist up, though.  I'll jump into egg collecting when I get back.

Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)



You will be so missed!! But what an incredible reason to be gone!! Witnessing your Sister taking her vows to become a Nun, that is something so meaningful, memorable, and nothing you would EVER want to miss on experiencing with her!!

So please, safe travels my dear friend, I do hope you will tell us all about it upon your return!! 
Oh, and yes, you are one of our best, most enthusiastic, fun, joyful, “let’s get this party started “ Egg Collector’s that we have...the PC Team Egg Roll is very lucky!! 
On the Consortium’s behalf I thank dearly!! 

Hugs~ Debbie kissing_heart

Safe travels and enjoy your time with your sister.  We'll leave the lights on for you...……………..


From: Tippytutu


Hello everyone,

I am concerned on several players that have gone red with no Break on their name. Several have been missing in action for at least 9 months. If you have any information on them I would greatly appreciate it. Some had computer issues back in April and I am hoping some of them will invite me back (pm me with id if interested). Others I have not found if they had issues with game or if they had emergencies in their life. Here are the names:

Lortoc and DaDdYo, they were with for years. Also missing !!!cbyjeff!!!, embers, fingers X, Hannah, Trixi is back, *Ann and *Nanakool. Since my friends list is a fourth in red. I would like to to do house cleaning before add more friends.

On side note, Linet is having issues with her new computer (thanks to windows 10). She has her old computer and will be back for the Winter Event. If any of her old friends would like to have her ID, please PM me.

Apologies if this is on wrong thread. Could not locate missing friends thread.



From: LvlSlgr


!!!cybjeff!!! was green off and on during the Fall Event and the private room was changed.

I don't know what happened to DaDdYo. He has been a friend for years. He didn't change his private room during the Fall Event. I wonder if something happened to his game and he got new game number???

Lortoc is a member of this forum - FredmcLortoc. Maybe you can send a PM??

The others I don't have a clue ...

*Ann and *Nanakool belong to a member of the forum Nanakool, but she hasn't been in the forum since Oct.  


From: Tippytutu


Thank you for the information LvlSlgr and Tammy27. It's heartbreaking how many of us are loosing our games due to crashes. To those who have restarted hang in there, for me restarting the game has been an experience.

I am hopeful that both Nanakool and Lortoc are checking forum. I will do as you both  have suggested.

Again thank you for your help.


You're welcome, happy to help.


From: LvlSlgr


You're welcome, Tippytutu! We've all been there ... wondering about where our friends have disappeared to.


From: P1tbull


Just to let you know, fingers X has been unwell. She is hoping to come back once her illness and the pain associated with it are back under control.