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PC Egg Drop Off Points   Archives

Started Dec-13 by April @ MC (April54321); 14837 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
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From: SharpEye1


Hi Everyone,

Merry Xmas to all! 

Now for some unfortunate news.  I have to withdraw from Team Egg Roll. I have been having right shoulder pain for quite a few weeks now, and over the last 2 weeks it has become constant. As soon as I go on the computer, my shoulder is screaming pain at me and have to get off and take pain meds that isn't even touching the pain! It's almost worse than the sciatica I get from time to time. I have a Dr. appt. the day I return from LA to find out what's going on (rotator cuff, arthritis, carpal tunnel, who knows). All I know is I can't continue aggravating it.  I'm not even sure I can play MC enough to finish the CC or WE.     **SIGH**

My sincerest apologies to all who were counting on my support!


In reply toRe: msg 86

From: SharpEye1


For the Record--I will log on long enough to continue gifting the eggs I collected to the Consortium until all are sent.  Here's my stats as of today (12/25/2019):

Eggs Collected from my AWESOME friends!

BABY MAMMOTH--$500 (30 Eggs)--Randy (1), PTG (3), Fletcher (1), Susie Baker (2), Z*DHYANI (1), Z*JULES (2), JM (1), Valjune (1), Raven of GA (1), Nickie (5), Anne (6), Tap Dancer (5), Oiuoiu (1)

YETI--$650 (26 Eggs)--Charlie (1), Fletcher (1), TOAD (1), Z*GLOBE (2), Chrissie UK (1), Pete (3), Brynhrt (1), Nickie (3), Anne (5), Tap Dancer (2), Oiuoiu (3), Bedford (1), Lucky Lady (1), Xanadu (1)

FIRE ROOSTER--$800 (5 Eggs)--Ada (1), Randy (1), Charlie (1), Anne (1), OTTER (1)

Eggs Forwarded to Consortium Friends!

BABY MAMMOTH--$500 (14 Eggs so far)--Dotj (4), One Cent (3), DJ1 (2), Tiny Faerie (5)

YETI--$650 (10 Eggs so far)--One Cent (4), Tiny Faerie (2), Ree (4)

FIRE ROOSTER $800 (5 Eggs--Done)--Dot j (3), One Cent (2)

Other Eggs Forwarded to Consortium Friends!

SNOW WHITE--$25 (5 Eggs)--Jackie (3), DJ1 (2)

SNOWMAN--$400 (2 Eggs)--Nell2 (1), Jackie (1)

SLED DOG--$650 (1 Egg)--Nell2 (1)

So, if I've counted right, I've collected a TOTAL of 61 eggs assigned to me, and passed on a TOTAL of 29 eggs assigned to me, and will work on sending the remaining 32 eggs to my Consortium friends.  The "other" eggs are not counted here as they were extras I passed on (not "assigned").

Thank you to everyone for your awesome support!!  It's been fun while it lasted (for me)!! heart_eyes


  • Edited December 25, 2019 4:43 pm  by  SharpEye1
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Attention All PC Players...

As you all have just read, my dear friend, Ada, has flown the coop!! hatching_chickhatched_chickbaby_chick

She has been and continues to be an absolutely amazing help to the Consortium. 
But as she knows very well, health is top priority, first and foremost!! 
So we are behind her 100% and pray she gets to the bottom of this issue, so she is able to find some relief as well as resolution!! 

As soon as she is able to play even a few minutes of the game, I know we will all rally around her to help her catch up on the CC!! 
We are also wishing her, safe travels on her trip to the Rose Bowl roseand Disneyland mouse!!

Until that time, please stay tuned tv, while we make a few adjustments and we will announce who will takeover Ada’s Drop Spot!! (NO ONE WILL EVER REPLACE ADA!! heart)

If you have  any questions, problems issues or concerns, please send me a PM!! I am here to assist you with anything that I possibly can.

Thank you so very much for your patience and understanding. 
Your ongoing generosity is unmatched!! 
Happy Holidays!! angelstar2ribbonsantaevergreen_treesnowflakesnowman



From: misstracy22


Hi Ada,

I’m so sorry, you are in such agony. You are amazing, collecting and documenting all your data. With so much pain. 
You have collected so many eggs too. They will go to good homes. I’m sure that someone will step in to continue your great work. 
You take care of you and your shoulder. Hopefully they will discover what is causing this, and sort it out quickly.

Happy, restful Christmas and new year. Look forward to your return.

Tracy ribbonstar2santa


From: Annemaree1


please leave your request up so I can continue sending them to you.

I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you are back in full swing soon


From: SharpEye1


Hi Anne,

My apologies but, I took the eggs off my list because I don't know how often I'll be accessing my game again.  It's difficult to continue to receive and track additional eggs in my notebook because anything I do with my right hand right now causes extreme pain.  So, I'd rather keep random items on my list as of now for those who are working on postcard achievements, but also no need to gift me at all as I really don't "need" anything and not sure when I'll be able to catch up on return gifting because everyone is always so generous!

I believe Debbie is working on finding a replacement for me so you'll be able to add that person to send your eggs to.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding during this transition.



From: Annemaree1


okay thanks for letting me know, I would have had no problem sending you more eggs!

I sincerely hope your shoulder has a speedy recovery, remember to ice it often to help reduce your inflammation, and if you can take a non steroidal anti inflammatory such as panadol or tylnol.   Please get it check by you local general practitioner he/she may have something else to assist in your recovery,

You will be sadly missly, please take care


From: SharpEye1


Thank you! My suspicion is rotator cuff but I do have an appt. with my doctor the day of my return from California so I'll know soon.

Good luck with the rest of the WE and egg collecting!  Going to ice my shoulder now!


From: oiuoiu321


Ada, I'm sorry you're having such pain.  DEFINITELY take care of yourself.  Team Egg Roll will miss you, but we'll keep on going in your absence.  I'm so glad you had fun helping.


From: SharpEye1


Aw, thank you so much!! heart_eyes