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Me, Myself and I    Technical Issues

Started Dec-14 by MM & I (IMyselfandMe); 1083 views.

Hello All, 

I’ve lost my MM&I game on IPad. 

Did the update and it set me back to level 1 with a whole new ID number !!

Lost everything ??

My Archie Bears Dad feeder game is still working, but I’m sorry I won’t be able to gift as I normally do. 

Ive contacted BFG just have to wait now and see what they do.....


From: Annemaree


good luck, I hope you find your game

Still see Me, myself, and I , at L95 , green, with Slavic princess avatar. ?

Thanks Crystal.

you’ll see the home room is stuck on the Dungeon room as I can’t update to a Christmas Room.

Hopefully BFG will sort it soon.

Only problem is I think I will loose my friends list so will have to re-friend everyone again, so please accept me again

Tennco (carlyMC)

From: Tennco (carlyMC)


Sorry to hear about your loss. I recently lost my new game on pc, contacted bfg and it took them two days to restore everything except friends. Good luck. Carly

Oh, no! This happened to me during the anniversary event. Usually, if you have both ID numbers, they can restore the old game to the new number, minus friends, of course. I have already accepted your request and hope they make the change quickly!

Just let me know when you return,,, will definitely add your new game . We will get  you caught For WErose

BFG have set me up under the new number. Took 5 days, but at least it’s all back on my account except lost all my friends as you did Carly and LP.

i did have 80 friends, I’ve tried to remember as many as I can and refrained them under my new number. 
sorry if I’ve missed anyone. Hopefully you will see me back on MC under Me, Myself and I, level 95 with fairy bauble avatar. 

I’m back !

hopefully I’ve refriended one of your games, just need your own game now again.

Will send you   my ID

thank goodness... do you have Christmas room up?