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Christmas HOS trivia Quiz   Fun and Games

Started Jan-12 by LillieCat55; 490 views.

From: LillieCat55


I've hardly had the chance to play the event at all until now, so I’ve been doing the Christmas HOSs like crazy trying to catch up.  Consequently, the details in those three scenes have been impressed on my memory (at least temporarily), and I’ve put together a very little trivia quiz for your amusement.

Try to do this from memory, but if you go back into the scenes to check your answers before you post, well, there’s no prize for this, so the most you might get is a slightly guilty conscience, lol.  

1.  Name an item on the list that appears in all three scenes.  The item should appear the same in all three scenes, (although the orientation might be different) and be listed under the same name.  (I think there’s only one, but I could be wrong. )

2. Name 11 things with wings that appear in the three scenes.  (Hint: one scene has at least 3 and two scenes have at least 4.  There will be duplicates, so list them separately).  Extra credit for identifying which go with which scene.

3.  Name three non-clickable items (items not on the list, that is) that appear in each of the HOSs;  these will not be identical in each scene, but some representation will appear in each HOS.   

I’ll post answers at some point, and if I can figure out how to do a hidden spoiler, I’ll do it that way.  Good luck!


From: KatieAn56


1. Apple (there is another one) 

2. Christmas Fireplace:  Angel, Bird, Bat, Griffith

    Christmas Tree:  Butterfly, Bee, LadyBug, Bird

    Festive Table:  Airplane, Butterfly, Fairy

3.  Pinecones, Holly and Pine tree

  • Edited January 13, 2020 10:29 pm  by  KatieAn56

From: LillieCat55


Pretty darn close, KatieAn56!  :-)   For the first question, I didn't count the Apple, since the apple in the Festive Table HOS is different than the other two (it is more red, less yellow, and has leaves).  It was the "other item" I was thinking about :-).....You got everything else, though! 


From: KatieAn56


The other one was the acorn :) I also do a lot of friends' rooms daily, I try to do at least, if not more than 90 a day.  At night, when I can't sleep I count each item in each HOS instead of counting sheep. It clears my mind of other stuff and I can more or less turn my brain off and get some sleep. LOL!!

  • Edited January 14, 2020 6:11 pm  by  KatieAn56