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Android Playing issue since winter update.   Technical Issues

Started Jan-15 by Woofbite; 185 views.

From: Woofbite


The moment Midnight Castle Android updated to the winter/Christmas stuff, my game on a Pixel C stopped working.  When I open the game, I can tap one item and then the game freezes.  Continual toucing of things sometimes takes an item here and there;  usually not.  The only way to get loose from the game is to do a force stop.

After clearing data and cache, uninstalling, reinstalling, I called Big Fish for help.  After various things, they told me I'd have to do a factory reset.  Following that, I reinstalled the game and the new one is doing exactly the same thing!.  Before I go back to Big Fish I wondered if I am the only person on the planet with this problem and if anyone here had any suggestions.

Big Fish moved the game to my Android phone, (yeah, right.  Try finding things on that small screen), and it works perfectly on it.

Thanks for any ideas.