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Decorating Private Rooms   Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice

Started Jan-15 by Woofbite; 425 views.

From: Woofbite


Is there any advantage to decorating rooms?  Some of the items cost a fortune and I would hate to waste treasure if all they do is look pretty.

Nope, no advantage at all.  Like you said, they just look pretty.  I've been playing from the beginning and I haven't bought everything in all the Private Rooms.  Along with Daily Quests and Trina Quests Achievements, (and maybe even the Dice Achievements), buying all the decorations in every room probably isn't in the cards for me.


From: AEGram


There are 2 achievements directly associated with slots/upgrades in the private room (well, three if you also consider one in the Christmas achievements):

Cozy Cubby
1. Unlock 2 slots in your private room – 3 diamonds
2. Unlock 15 slots in your private room – 10 diamonds
3. Unlock 50 slots in your private room – 20 diamonds

Furniture Finder
1. Purchase 10 items of furniture in private room – 3 diamonds
2. Purchase 30 items of furniture in private room – 10 diamonds
3. Purchase 100 items of furniture in private room – 20 diamonds

Christmas Room
1. Purchase 1 item in the Christmas Room – 10 snowflakes
2. Purchase 2 items in the Christmas Room – 40 snowflakes
3. Purchase 4 items in the Christmas Room – Clever Monkey (pet)

Other than the above achievements, the only real purpose is to show a bit of one's own personality by items chosen. To unlock the slots requires Golden Keys -- earned/received from completing Trina's quests. The cost varies from 0 to 10 keys.

Because it would be a let down to spend many keys to open a slot only to find nothing there you'd like to purchase......the MC Game Guide, Trina and the Private Room section, contains a listing of every available slot in each room, the cost in Golden Keys to unlock that slot, and a brief description of the upgrades to include their associated costs. This way, players can make informed decisions regarding which slots they may want to open.

Players can also view the private rooms of their friends to actually see some of the upgrades.

Trina and the Private Room section of the Guide can be found here:  (it's on page 3 and the item listings are messaged 38-41)

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From: Susanna502MC


No opinion in general, but the Christmas Room achievements are easy and the Clever Monkey is well worth having. Guaranteed to receive Gold or Silver (70% Gold, 30% Silver).