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To My Gifting with Friends   Friends

Started Jan-16 by dair (dairr); 348 views.
dair (dairr)

From: dair (dairr)


Hi Hello To all my darling & generous friends,most of you know I keep a as I receive from you each list...that's how I gift...what I adore about how our castle set up Christmas is I am given a way & means to gift those I rarely ever hear from or gift with daily...

okay..with the holiday in mind I Christmas tree gift everyone Christmas eve Christmas day and the day after I also gift news years day through the Christmas tree....

I had a bounty of left over gifts and a list I was backed up at daily gifting,then ummmm this just finished fall event folks put up air ship only lists,along with crafted items...I get a 30coin gift and you get 150  or2000 coin gift...????? I can't do trina quests because everyone wants air ship items... you see my AHHHHHHHHH darn it give a solution....

of course I have friends who haven't up dated their wish list in YEARS..sure would be nice...doesn't matter if you do or don't update your list I adore having you anyway...

okay I have friends who go off game for long periods take down their wish lists but not before loading me with gifts I can't reciprocate till they return...for example I owed MISSXY over 15 gifts...adore you girl friend... Tess does the same thing...adore you as well Girl Friend...

I just finished catching up list by putting pink packages under YOUR I hope everyone I daily gift with realizes I haven't cheated them I pink gifted them...

what i'd lose sleep if I thought any of you thought i'd cheat them out of a  gift I owed them.. and ahhhh I did trina quests while at it.. was a paid off in coins extras etc  way of getting through her 50 scene requests...

ummmmm if you please be so kind as to add something other then a air ship item onto your wish list it be truly appreciated.. if not please don't gift me those air ship items are getting hard to come by I have achievements to finish that require doing the air ship Then it grate on my nerves if I didn't or couldn't reciprocate your gifts to me..

thank you for hearing me ....

Be Well

Your MC Friend



From: SharpEye1


Hi there, my friend!  I have plenty of air ship items I can gladly send you.  As for return gifting, please don't feel you need to return every time as I am at the end of content (as you know), have all achievements done (except those outlandish Trina ones), so I don't REALLY need anything.  I just try to keep a mix of items on my list for those players working on the post card achievement.

Good to hear from you!

Ada heart_eyes