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Cleaning out inventory   Welcome!

Started Jan-22 by anglegirl70; 1930 views.

From: anglegirl70


I am cleaning out some of my inventory and I'm not really sure how much of some of the things I should keep.  I don't remember for the life of me what we used the snowflakes and pumpkins for so I'm not sure how many of them to keep.  I have over 300 of each of the christmas items.  Should I turn some of them into gifts and wands?.  I want to keep some in case anyone needs some of these after this event is over.  Then the items like the playing cards, shark fin, pocket watch etc., I'm not sure how many to keep.  I don't want to trade anything out that I'm going to need.  I'm starting level 90  after the event so I know there's things I'll need to be able to go forward myself,  but I still want to also help lower level people  if I can.  Any Help on what to keep and how many of anything will be greatly appreciated.    I am not sure what the best folder to put this in would be so I left it blank and if someone would place it in the right folder I would greatly appreciate that also.   Thank you to everyone for all your help. 


From: Turbogramma


How does one "turn" things like pumpkins into wands? I have tons of orange things and need wands. Is this for above level 65? I can't figure out how to do it.


From: loopykaren


Go to the kids at the castle turbo. When you open that up you will see items 

and two arrows. One of the arrows is to trade wands for items then if u scroll it the other is trading for 

gift boxes for your friends. PS. you wont be able to trade pumpkins in this Christmas event. 

I think that would be for the halloween one. 


From: akge


Hi Anglegirl,

The suggestions that players have given in the past is to try to have about 40 to 80 of the wands, carrots, and ghost catchers since these are used in the seasonal events. Also you may want to keep about 20 to 40 of the various items. These are used mainly to give to friends but also some of them may be used in crafting pets or getting achievements. I usually turn any extras into shards to work toward the Miser achievement. You may also want to trade some of the extras into wands or boxes. The boxes are only used in the Winter event and you can run out of them toward the end of the event. I like to have as many boxes on hand as possible. I find this lets me gift to my friends without running out and you always get more the next time. It basically comes down to what is comfortable for you. I hope this helps.



From: misstracy22



Well done, clapfor being able to gain all those items. That is an achievement in it’s self and while having fun in the WE. 
Just wanted to add to all the other players wonderful suggestions. If after doing all of that, you still find you have any items left over going spare. The Consortium is here to take any you find are surplus to your requirements. We would be very grateful and happy to take them. We then gift Them to those who need them for pets, future events and Achievements etc. 
Please do let either Debbie or I know if you would like to do this. It is a very generous thing to do. 
Keep having fun in the Castle.

Tracy - consortium bee


From: anglegirl70


Hi Traci, thank you very much for responding. I am already sending stuff to the Consortium members.  I am a drop off point for the eggs so I have most of the members on my friends list and everyone that has stuff like that on their lists, I send them to them.I have not done anything with any of my Christmas items just for that reason.  I will keep sending to them as I can.  You guys are doing such a terrific job with the team egg roll and I want to thank you for that.  This is my first year of doing it and I am loving it.  It is great that I can help others.  Thank you again.     Hugs, Sandy

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From: anglegirl70


Thank you  for responding to me.  I really appreciate it.   That is a good idea to work toward the Miser achievement.  It will take me forever to get that.  Also I have been sending a lot of the things to the consortium members.  I know they can use them.  I just wasn't sure which items I should keep and which ones to get rid of.  This is a big help for me.  Thanks again.     Sandy


From: anglegirl70


Also will you let me know if you can use like the carrots, pumpkins, etc.  Anything that you use a lot of just let me know.     Sandy

Hi Sandy

From my point of view as you may have noticed I collect Event items all year round. 

The things I always need the most of are from the earlier events. Especially Halloween. So I'm always happy to collect them. 

I'd suggest keeping more carrots, wands and ghost traps for future events. No need as far as I'm concerned for pumpkins as swapping them counts for the Achievement.  Plus I have loads.

Re shards. Read the thread about swapping Ice Breaths.  If you are interested send me a PM. Sorry I don't know how to add the link for you.

Thank you for all your gifts. Those eggs have really helped 

Take care 



From: misstracy22


Hi Sandy,

You little treasurekissing_heart Or should I say very big treasure.wink

We always accept anything anyone wants to gift, it can help so many. Just the way you have been gifting those eggs. It is fun, I think it adds so much to being part of the forum. If you send a list via PM to the your consortium members PC Penweb and DotJ. They will able to add them on their wish lists after the WE is over. For future needs.

I hope this is clear if not, let me or any other consortium member know.

You deserve all the praise I can give. Will a medal do. Thank you very much for all your hard work over this WE.

P.s just read Norry reply, Brilliant so many friends to gift to.