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Winter Event Ending Soon   Seasonal Events, CCs and Updates

Started Jan-25 by KatieAn56; 699 views.

From: KatieAn56


As the time for the Winter Event is winding down, I would like to thank ALL of my wonderful friends for all the help I received.  You opened your Christmas rooms enabling me to build my inventory and coins and making it possible for me to place gifts under your trees.  You placed gifts under my Christmas tree, which made me feel so warm and special.  When I posted a wishlist, you gifted me. So I just want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you.  I hope you enjoyed this WE, too and accomplished what you set out to accomplish!!! There are no words to adequately describe how special y'all make me feel.  

Enjoy the day left for the WE and I'll see ya in the castle!!!

  • Edited January 25, 2020 12:54 pm  by  KatieAn56

The absolute best part of the Winter Event, for me, is gifting.  I just love putting a gift in Santa's sack for all my friends.  I don't play very much anymore, just to keep up with new content and gift sporadically, but come Christmas and I'm all in.  Of course, the extra jingle in my pockets doesn't hurt either.  LOL  I would also like to thank all my friends for their generosity and hope everyone enjoyed their gifts from Santa this year.


From: KatieAn56


I understand completely.  I love playing Santa, gifting all my friends.  True, that extra jingle doesn't hurt. LOL. 


From: Moonki


I also want to thank all my wonderful friends, and all the wonderful people on the consortiums who help all of us. I love gifting- both the daily gifts and under my friends’ trees. I have enough gifts to give all my friends a gift today - hopefully in the next couple of hours. I love the gifts I’ve been given, and feel confident in my ability to open all the (I.m sure expensive) new areas we’ll soon be getting.

I’ve enjoyed the WE and hope everyone has had fun


From: Maggie1947


How sad it is to see this event come to a close as it is my favorite. But Spring is coming soon. I also want to thank all friends that made this event awesome. I am afraid that I crafted most of my pets in last years event, but gave what I could to the egg roll this year...You are all amazing friends and I thank you!


I agree, leaving gifts in Santa's bag is definitely the best part!  After getting all my reindeer, cookies, and penguins, I didn't have much use for the Winter Event quests, so I traded all my decorations for more gifts.

I wasn't able to get through as many WE rooms as I would have liked, I got the dreaded "please wait" disease about half way through.  But I was determined to complete all 90+ of my friends' rooms today, and was disappointed to find that several of my friends had already switched over to the Spring room before the event ended.  =(  Guess I'll have to wait 'til spring...  =)

 - Otter

PS - Whenever I see your name here in the forum, I think of the beautiful story behind it and it touches my heart.  Hope all is well with you and yours.