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Started Jan-26 by Susanna502MC; 270 views.

From: Susanna502MC


I have 4 games (2 android and 2 pc) and have decided to cut back. I will continue all four games, but I am going to experiment with rotating between them. If I mark my avatar with break and pull the wishlist, it will probably be a short break for that game, but I don't plan to go away long term on any of them. I hope to get the best rotation figured out before the Spring Event.


Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


I have the same thing two android and two Pc games. There are only so many hours In a day. I never like to take down my with lists. I go into each game and receive and send gifts each period, then pick one game to play the levels through. I can send and receive gifts in 20 minutes for all four games. I have one PC and one Android game open at the same time when just sending and receiving gifts. I pick the game I want to play that period and open it last.  The delay and please wait times are different, so it saves time and makes just gifting very effeicent.  I hope this will help.


From: misstracy22


Hi you two,

You both seem to have the in’s and out’s for games and gifting. When you have so many games. I really don’t know how, you can manage. Each of you is a genius. So dedicated.relaxed

Continue having fun, Tracy elephant