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Message For Team Egg Roll & Consortium Members   Archives

Started Jan-26 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 507 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


Team Egg Roll and the Consortium.....snowflakesnowman

On behalf of the Consortium, and Team Egg Roll, I have a very personal message that I would like to extend at this time. So please, if all Consortium Members, as well as each and every person that participated in Team Egg Roll,  and I am inviting our entire Delphi Community, will please indulge me...

Our incredible Special Event each year, Team Egg Roll  is actually quite a huge undertaking. There are so many moving pieces cyclone so many incredible players involved, it is actually a project that is many months in the making. Then once it begins, there are always things that have to be closely monitored, questions answered, or things altered slightly, once we are in Real Time. 

April, was not just my partner in this Extraordinary Event, she truly took the lead when I asked her to do so. two_women_holding_hands
April and I have been very dear friends for quite some time. She helped to spearhead Team Egg Roll last year. So I knew I could turn to her and ask for her assistance this year. But she is such an absolutely amazing and incredible person, she didn’t just provide help. She truly did so much more!! 
The Event this year would not have been possible if April had not stepped up and done so much of the work. She was involved with each and every aspect. From designing the Drop Spots for each platform, with her fantastic fun always being there to answer questions. 

I have always known just how absolutely EXTRAORDINARY a person she is, and many of you may have already been aware of that as well. However, I am taking this moment in time so the Entire Delphi Community may share in it. As well , I want  April to know, because I always share with her my feelings, between the two of us. But she was such a vital part of Team Egg Roll...without question indispensable!! That I absolutely find it necessary to share with all of you, that I am indebted to her! I am in awe of her. Her incredible manner and attitude always makes me smile. Her energy and spirit is infectious! 

As a very proud Member of this Forum on Delphi, I have truly engaged and will continue to, with really, very special people from all around the world. earth_africa Each one has their unique perspectives and understanding of the game, life, people, and how we are best able to move through it, on this journey we are all on together, despite the fact that the details may vary slightly from time to time. 

What makes April so spectacular  and unique on every level, is this...
It isn’t just that she is such a sweetheart, she is!
It isn’t just that she is unbelievably kind, she is!
It isn’t just that her heart is overflowing with pure goodness and generosity, continually giving is second nature to her...she knows no other way! heart
She has such great strength and compassion for others, one merely needs to sit back and wonder, “Where did it all come from?”

So going by human nature, we say to ourselves, “ Ah, wait a moment, I think I might just know someone with similar characteristics!” 

And here is my reply...and as much as I hope you all will take the time to ponder my words, in full disclosure, I am truly writing this so April herself will see how greatly loved and highly valued she is. 

So, back to what I was saying, “Ah, yes...people with similar attributes.” Her kindness, generosity, keen sense of humor, a giving open heart of gold, coming from a place of strength and compassion,  certainly does have the possibility of others  sharing these qualities. But what makes April so absolutely, positively, spectacularly unique is that she has all of these distinguishable qualities, already rolled up into one magnificent person and player!! That sets her apart from the rest. And that is undeniable!! 

April, my dear friend, when I count my blessings, knowing you is among them. Being your friend is such an honor and privilege. Watching you masterfully balance life and the game, and I am truly in awe of you. 

The only thing left to say is, “ When should I contact Hugh to bring over your coffee??”

Love and hugs,

XOXO kissing_heart

Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


start thinking about what you need for the spring event. I will help on both Pc and Android.

Oh my. Thank you so very much. I am a bit embarrassed, but very humbled.

I have found the members on this forum to be a wonderful, kind and caring group of people. Whether game related or life related, people are always reaching out to one another to offer a helping hand, a word of advice, a virtual hug, a good laugh.....and so much more.

Thank you my dear friend. I feel equally blessed.

Now, the important issue. Please tell Hugh I am happy to fit in with his schedule....Lol.

Love and hugs  

April XOXO 


From: misstracy22


Honest, special, beautiful words. For a truly honest, special, beautiful person. kissing_heart


From: oiuoiu321


Hear Hear!  April, you did such a great job; one that I know takes a lot of work in the background.  Thank you so much!


From: KatieAn56



You did a fantastic job!!  I know there is a lot of work in the planning and executing of this type of monumental task.  You were so helpful with all the problems some of us seemed to have, as well as very prompt answering questions and finding solutions.  KUDOS to you for taking on such a task. thumbsupclapstar2heart

Thank you, April!  I know it’s a big job.  Won’t be long now until the Easter Egg roll ;)