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A Very Special Thank You to Team Egg Roll    Archives

Started Jan-26 by Debbie (Debbie1845); 1238 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
Debbie (Debbie1845)

From: Debbie (Debbie1845)


As Team Egg Roll and the Winter Event comes to an end... snowflakesnowman

on behalf of the Consortium I have a few words and thoughts I would like to share, as we close yet another incredible, successful chapter in this tremendous story. 

This year the outpouring of support from players across all platforms who wanted and offered to help with Team Egg Roll, was unprecedented. It didn’t seem to matter to anyone what they needed to do. The only thing that mattered to each and every player was that they wanted to be a part of the Team. The only goal of the Team is helping other players. 

Each and every person on Team Egg Roll is of equal value. That is why I am always referring to us as a Team! We need each and everyone together to make it so incredibly successful. 

At the same time, as I mentioned, every person, every player that volunteered and was a part of Team Egg Roll, had one goal in mind... just one!! 
The help other players!! 

So I feel this saying is most befitting: 
You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” 
John Bunyan

Every single one of you, I have said over and over again, how grateful I am for your caring, giving spirit, selflessness, and overwhelming kindness.

So I will leave you with these thoughts...on behalf of the Entire Consortium, we are in awe of how much you did, how hard you worked, we are thankful and so appreciative of just who you are...the absolutely most amazing people who joined us on our Team!! 
So we dedicate this thought to all of you...

Generosity is the most natural outward expression of an inner attitude of compassion and loving-kindness.” —The Dalai Lama 

Most Humbly,

& April 

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From: misstracy22


Hi Debbie, April and everyone

Following on from Debbie’s excellent post. I’m amazed by and send an added very big thank to you all. Especially Debbie and April. This was my first encounter with a Team Egg Roll. You have made it wonderful and fun. The skill and hard work put into this, behind the scenes, is mind blowing. 
Have a well deserved rest, ready for the next one.

Take care, Tracy 


From: Susanna502MC


Dear Tracy -

Here are my final stats for my 4 games

  (android Susanna and Juliana, pc Ginger Sue and Navy Blue)

Snow White Egg (value 25 coins) - sent 30 (Dot 12, Dotty 7, non-consortium 11)

Snowman (value 400 coins) - sent 7 (Dot 1, pretty 5, non-consortium 1)

Sled Dog (value 650 coins) - sent 9  (Dotty 1, pretty 6, Tiny Faerie 2)

Little White Bear (value ? coins) - sent 5 (Dotty 2, Bapple 2,  non-consortium 1)

Winter Cat (value ? coins) - sent 1  (Dotty)

Baby Mammoth (value 500 coins) - sent 8 (Bapple 5, pretty 3)

Yeti (value 650 coins) - sent 13 (5 Bapple, 2 pretty, 3 Tiny Faerie, 3 One Cent)

Fire Rooster (value 800 coins) - sent 3 (Bapple 1, One Cent 2)

Reindeer (value ? coins) - sent 3 (Bapple)

Penguin (value ? coins) - sent 2 (Bapple)

Raven (value 25 coins) - sent 2 (non-consortium)

Flap Eared Puppy (value 2500 coins) - sent 1 (non-consortium)

Squirrel (value 5000 coins) - sent 1 (Dot)

Panda (value 5000 coins) - sent 1 (non-consortium)

One I didn't id - sent 1 (Tiny Faerie)

Total 86 Eggs sent to 6 consortium members and 12 non-consortium members

I didn't receive any eggs because I didn't put them on my wish lists.

I have the data broken down by game. Let me know if you need that or any other info.



From: misstracy22


Hi Susie,

Thank you for all your tremendous hard work and eggs you have gifted. You have been extremely busy. Hope you have had fun. Have a much deserved rest. Be reassured your gifts will help, those in need.
Take care, Tracy turtle


From: BJApple


It has been an honor to be a member of team egg roll and the generosity of friends that made it successful!  I received over 100 eggs from almost half of my friends.  Most who did not have likely crafted All of the pets and don't get eggs on their wheel.  I had given the few eggs I got on the wheel last year. 

Debbie was not only our organiser but our cheerleader!  I can only imagine the time it took to get us up and going

We, in turn, gift holiday wands and Christmas Cards in addition to eggs to help not only our friends but  those who request help. Helping players craft pets is our goal.

I would like to thank Debbie for her extraordinary efforts and the following friends for their generosity.  Bob, Eloise, JAS, Dotty2 and Dot 2, Cutie Pie, Deb, Julianna, Susanna, Pretty2, Cristabel, Tarragon, doh, Lizzardo, #MJZ, SammieT, and #Gifting til red. 

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Robert (amf368)

From: Robert (amf368)


it has been fun helping the consortium. I am looking forward to the spring event. Cutiepie  is not going to craft the pets so I can help next year. I will post my egg list under Android and PC egg drop off points.


From: PenWeb


Thank YOU, Debbie, for your enthusiasm, encouragement and cheerfulness throughout the WE. Couldn't have done it without you.

A very big THANK YOU to all the collectors, all your efforts have paid off in a big way.

I will leave eggs on my Wish Lit for a while for anyone wishing to pass them on, or I am told it is time to quit.

PenWeb (Penny), playing as Nell, Nell2, OneCent and GMA

A few eggs are still rolling in (pun intended ;) but as of yesterday, with one day left to go, I had collected over 250 eggs (!!) from everyone who so generously took the time to collect them and pass them on to the Consortium. 

When I’m at my computer and have the tally in front of me, I’ll be able to thank everyone by name. 


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I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone that was involved - egg collectors, egg drop spot players, players who supported by gifting holiday wands and decorations, players who played the wheel to get extra eggs, and each and every member of the Consortium - what an absolutely tremendous effort.

I am totally blown away by the totals achieved and would like to say a special thanks to Debbie for keeping the excitement and fun going throughout the whole event, not to mention fielding questions and offering a helping hand to all those in need.

A round of applause and pats on the back for all! 

clap clap clap clap 

April XO 

Hi Catherine...

I am a bit embarrassed, as I was collecting eggs...but not passing them on to consortium members until the end! Thank goodness for Debbie’s gentle reminder. Will pass on to you, Debbie and Tracey as long as your lists are up. Else wise...there’s next year, or who ever is in needblush