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A Big Thank YOu   Archives

Started Jan-28 by anglegirl70; 330 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

From: anglegirl70


I want to thank all the Consortium Members for all their help in setting the Team Egg Roll up.  I know there's a lot of work to it, and then all the questions they answer for us (especially ones like me that have never done this before).  It seems like I was constantly bugging Debbie and Miss Tracy (Sorry about that) but I always got a very plesant reply.  I have made a lot of new friends and I was able to help other people.  Win, Win, situation for me.  I loved doing this, I just hope I did everything right or at least ok.  I also want to thank all my friends that sent eggs to me to drop off to the Consortium and a big thanks to the ones that were helping the Consortium Members collect {and I was able to drop off some of the eggs to them to pass on} and I especially  want to thank the friends that got put on hold while I was doing Team Egg Roll.  You are all just great friends. I am still gifting christmas items and the Snow White eggs and the Red Yarn Balls.  My question now is do we send our lists now or do we still wait a few days or how do we do that part. Also where do we post our lists.  I don't want to mess up on that.  I have enjoyed this so very much and once again thank you all so much for all your hard work.   Sandy  (Anglegirl70)


From: misstracy22


Hi Sandy,

First, a very big thank you and hugsbouquetFor being so generous with your time in and taking a major role, in the Team Egg Roll. (hope the rolls are the correct way round)

I know the consortium members, on PC will be glad to help. With any further egg donations. So have a look and if you don’t see the one/s you need to gift displayed. Post or PM what you need to gift. They will help.

If you are still receiving eggs from friends you could wait a while, before posting your egg collection.  But saying that, it is so lovely for your friends to see how they have helped you. To help others. 

This also is my first experience of Team Egg Roll too. It’s been fantastic and so looking forward joining you in the the next one. 
Thank you, Tracyhatching_chick


From: oiuoiu321


anglegirl70 said:

I especially want to thank the friends that got put on hold while I was doing Team Egg Roll.

Oh yes, I second this.  NONE of the friends I normally gift dropped me over the event, and so many kept gifting me even.  Thanks friends!