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Started 5/4/18 by Jenifer (Zarknorph); 501297 views.
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From: frankie563


did the read on wikipedia,   I remember FOUND, played it for a short time, then found out they were only maintaining the game, no more work being done for it and recently read a notice it is going to be unavailable from now on, being deleted.....still worried about MC but also aware MC is very popular and spread worldwide.....but we'll see what happens....

Something is really going on with MC.

Was playing like always without opening Social and it froze my comp (I play on PC). 
Had to totally restart the computer.

Needless to say, I won't be playing MC for a looooooong while.

But I did find that other game Hidden City to keep me busy and am loving it! wink


From: gamegirl2


Check out Midnight Castle on Facebook. Yesterday read there will be no fall event because working on the problem. Trouble seems to be because of large friend groups. However it seems they’re gearing up for winter. There was more info in the letter about playing or not. Hope this helps.


From: Vixyish


I'm just wondering, are there folks here who lost progress who don't have friends lists exceeding 450 people?


From: AnnetteH1


my friends list is 67, and I lost my game.


From: Mara1022



You were in my group of friends.  Add me back  "Mara1022"  on PC. relaxed


From: misstracy22


Thank you Annette for sharing this message. I’m not on face book now, so I didn’t see this. 
It is good to see an explanation of problems and indentions for the future. Some players I’m sure will find this reassuring. Others may not, as their hiccups may be from a different source. I do hope that all those who have been experiencing games being lost will have them returned with as many items and achievements as possible. 

The Christmas Event maybe a time when those friends who are lost will be reconnected. It is after all a time for thinking of others. 

Hugs to everyone,

Tracy relaxed

I lost my game on the first day of the October 4 update and I have well under 100 friends.  While a high number of friends may cause some instability in the game, I don't believe it's the cause of the 'save' failure.  That's an entirely different issue and one I'm not sure is being addressed.